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It appears to be a change in the ST app temperature range (1-30000). I think is 2000-6536 for Tasmota. I’ll check.

No. It will not work without flashing Tasmota on it.

Will this work with Broadlink?

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I have added an HTTP Switch and HTTP Button, and can see the virtual device in the ST app and listed on the Tasmota Edge page, but the link to configure the device is non-functional (i.e. clicking it does nothing). I’ve tried different browsers on different device type, but same result.

The link for the HTTP device seems valid, but the link itself is non-functional… but, if I copy that link url and browse to it directly, it works. So, I’d guess it is something in the html coding of that page.

When it changes state, does it do a WebQuery to your ST hub immediately? Similar to the screenshot?

No. Broadlink is not supported.

Right, my bad html coding. It works only on firefox. I’ll fix. Thanks for reporting.

:man_facepalming:t3: Doh!

Hopefully one day Broadlink will play nice with ST
Years ago they said it was on their roadmap.
I guess its a long road

yes… i see those two lines in real time as the contact sensor changes state (open/close)

the smartthings edge:drivers:logcat command also shows the changes in real time. the ST app is delayed from 2-5mins, and routines do not fire off till ST app updates.

From the Edge driver’s perspective, it appears to be fine. So, it’s probably the ST platform or hub issue.

@nayelyz - Would you be able to assist @KennyG on this please? Thanks.

I’m already on it.

I have 33 devices using this driver – mostly Sonoff and FEIT.

In the last few weeks, it takes two attempts to turn on or off about half of my devices. The HTTP command doesn’t seem to be issued by the hub to the Tasmota device the first time, per the device’s console. I haven’t yet captured the hub’s log to see what’s going on.

Has anybody else seen this behaviour?