[ST Edge] •• Tasmota Edge •• for Sonoff, Tuya & many other ESP WiFi devices - over 2000 Tasmota supported devices

I believe no driver update is needed. I’m on the 0.43.4 beta firmware, and it appears to be fine.

I’ll check again after they release the official firmware.

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Why pool temp not showing anymore in a box?

It doesn’t show in the small box. You have to tap on the box to see the Temp & Humidity.

i know, but with handler it was

Tasmota Edge Update!

  • Added support for latest Tasmota v12
  • Added support for IR Bridge & RF Bridge
    • Added support for Virtual Devices
      • Virtual Motion Sensor - Add a RF motion sensor to receive the device’s state
      • Virtual Contact Sensor - Add a RF contact sensor to receive the device’s state
      • Virtual Air Conditioner - Control Air Conditioner via an IR Bridge
  • Device history - Set what to display in the mobile app history
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Update will automatically be pushed and installed to your hub. Version: 2022.7

RF Bridge, IR Bridge, Virtual Motion Sensor, Virtual Contact Sensor, Virtual Air Conditioner

A Virtual Device uses a RF/IR bridge to control your RF/IR devices or receive device’s state.


Control Air Conditioner via an IR Bridge. Full list of supported AC brands.


Device history - Set what to display in the mobile app history

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You are awesome!
AC support!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Cant wait to finish in gym and test it ASAP.

I really want to use this edge driver but the tuya lights and wiz are not on the list. Is there a place where I can request the devices to be added to the list?

Hey. Virtual AC working great. Just one question: In Tasmota Connect i was able to choose zigbee open/close contact sensor to update/show actual state of AC. Do you plan to implement that also in edge driver?


I don’t know. If it is not on the list, then you have to open up to check and try.

How hard would it be to support hostname (or MAC address)? I’d rather not assign static IPs. I have multiple access points (with overlapping SSIDs) on different subnets. Even with DHCP reservation, there could be 2 different IPs. Yes, I’m OCD. I can tell from the IP address how a device connected.

Also, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but the username setting is displayed with the first letter as capital.

I’m unable to implement that because it’s not possible to read other edge driver device state. ST Edge limitation.

It’s not possible to support hostname (ST limitation), ST hub cannot resolve internal hostname.

No mDNS discovery, as Tasmota doesn’t support it.

It doesn’t support the username & password yet. The first letter as capital in the mobile app is from the app, I’m unable to fix it.

It’s not possible to support hostname (ST limitation), ST hub cannot resolve internal hostname.

I have dnsmasq running locally under OpenWrt. Every local device has a hostname defined. What prevents Lua code from performing a DNS lookup? Are ports blocked?

Thank you very much for keep tasmota connected to smartthings! :+1:

Does this EDGE driver uses tasmota rules as the previous groovy smartapp?


Yes. It uses Tasmota rules.

Could you share your Github where is your edge code?
I’d like to propose/help to add an specific device (EmonTX Arduino Shield), from OpenEnergy Monitor project.


It gives me “power + voltage + temperature” data.
With your edge driver I’d like to remove the original RF transmitter, and place an ESP32 to integrate it directly to my ST hub.


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The code is closed-source.

If you are able to get it working with Tasmota, then it may work with the Tasmota Edge driver.

But is there any option for Energy devices to show also temperature data?

Tasmota supports temperature.

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