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Thanks for your great work. I installed the driver, added a device with the IP allocated but it’s offline. I can’t get it to work. It’s a blitzwolf relay. Any advice?

Are you using a SmartThings v2 or v3 hub? or Aeotec Smart Home Hub?
Are you using Tasmota Firmware >= v11.0.0 on the device?
Are you able to access the Tasmota via the IP address?
What is the IP address of your hub and Tasmota device?

I use ST v3
Tasmota 11.1
Yes, I can acces the Tasmota web interface
The IP address is 192.174…format not 192.168.1…as is predefined in device Settings.
The device and hub are in the same IP range. Before edge I used Tasmota connect with no problems.

So… any reason why my plugs continually turn on and off? I can see looking at the device console that there is a webquery coming from my SmartThings hub? I completely get the early beta element here, but the inconsistency is not something I can sell to my family; terrifying everyone with lights turning on at night is not ideal. Any ideas @hongtat

This is a local driver that will only work in a private network (private IP address range).

192.174. is a public IP address, it won’t work here.

I’m not expecting (or aware of) any bugs. It has been working fine for a few months.

Do you have any routines, automations, scenes, other apps (e.g. Tasmota Connect) or anything that might interfere with the actions?

If you change the IP address in the ST app device settings, do you still see any web query in the device/tasmota console? Try reboot the hub?

Would it be possible to provide some logs and screenshots?

  1. Download and extract - Release v0.0.0-pre.41 · SmartThingsCommunity/smartthings-cli · GitHub
  2. Run - smartthings edge:drivers:installed
  3. Retrieve the driver ID of Tasmota Edge installed in your ST hub
  4. Run smartthings edge:drivers:logcat <driverID> --hub-address=<Hub IP Address>
  5. Open the Tasmota device console

Do you see corresponding actions between them?

192.174…is my LAN IP assigned by DHCP server, is not connected to internet. Same IP range is assigned for hub and all other smart things in my house.
192.168…is not the only format IP address for private network.
I think the problem is elsewhere.

@nayelyz - Would you be able to advise whether Edge LAN driver can HTTP connect to 192.174.x.x IP address?

From my understanding - Private IPv4 addresses would be

  • –
  • –
  • –

@hongtat I can change LAN IP address in DHCP server for class B range and test it. I will post the results.

Later edit: I’ve changed the IP address for LAN 172.16… deleted Tasmota edge, installed again, added two gang switch.
After all of that, it still offline. Tasmota edge is online and it has the hub IP assigned for “Gateway”.

Edit 2: tested with sonoff basic relay and it works ok.
I think it’s a problem with blitzwolf BW-SS5 2 Gang relay. Even I can access it via Tasmota web interface on Smartthings with edge driver it’s offline, with Tasmota connect app works ok. is not part of the RFC 1918 address ranges for private IP addresses so it is not allowed. See RFC 1918 - Address Allocation for Private Internets. You should not configure your LAN to use non-private address ranges and may experience other issues as a result of this configuration.


the big question now …
this driver supports the use off

on smartthings finally ?

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I don’t have a Sonoff NSPanel, it is not supported yet.

Is tasmota web password now supported? In the parent post, it says “Tasmota web password is currently not supported” but the UI within the app does have a place to fill it in.

No. It is currently not supported. It doesn’t use the fields yet.

Hi @hongtat
I have just install my sonoff th10 it work great but I have found that temperature is not yet support .
Are you planning soon to have temperature support ?
Cause I will find another way to see my pool temperature this summer :wink:.

Thank you