[ST Edge] SmartThings MyQ Edge (Obsolete)

Happy to share!

Let me know what you need. Below is an image the helped me identify that it was looking at the wrong server.

Let me know if there is anything else I can get you. I’m stumped why unifi was found or got in the middle…

Correction. I had not renamed correctly. But after doing so my Mac now sees the file as a non-executable text file.

That answers my question. Thanks for confirming that it’s a lack of arm64 support.

Wait, so now (at your suggestion) I’ve got docker installed but I still can’t install the MyQ Edge server on my Raspberry Pi? Lol, this is what I get for living on the bleeding edge. :rofl:

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It’s news to me, too. I built the docker image on my Windows machine, and it’s running fine on my Unraid server. I didn’t think about the image itself causing issues on certain other architectures based on the build system. My Docker experience is still pretty light as far as pushing images out, so you’re witnessing my learning curve haha.


@brbeaird I still don’t know if I did something wrong or not but I’m passed my issue.

I downloaded the binary file. Renamed it to take off the extension (this may not have been necessary). The file then showed as a text file on my Mac.

I used chk 700 in Terminal to make the file executable and then I was able to run the file.

On to the rest of the set up …

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Thanks for that update. I will probably remove the .bin extensions from mac and linux. They’re only there so I could use git LFS as a more efficient way to store larger files, but it’s not worth the confusion.

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Well, now the bridge is telling me the credentials must be specified …. like it cannot see my config file. I have both the executable and config file in the same folder. The credentials in the config file are correct.

Anyone else have this running on a Mac yet?

I’ve got the image running in docker and when viewing the details I can see that it made a successful connection to MyQ and can see all 3 garage doors. The problem I’m having is that the SmartThings App will not discover the devices. Any thoughts?

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I’m guessing you have the same issue as j18hockey above. Something else on your network is responding to the ssdp msearch, so it’s missing the myq bridge server response. I need to find a better way to filter that.

Regarding the Docker image weirdness, I’m going to try to just go DockerHub Pro for a month and get the builds stable that way. Shouldn’t take too long.

Does the docker container need to be on the same vlan? I have my NAS running the container ok on my main VLAN but the smartthings hub and myq garage are on a separate VLAN. When I try to add the device on my app, nothing is found.

I would think they’d need to be together, yes.

@brbeaird Is there reason why searching for smartthings-myq-edge on https://hub.docker.com or https://registry.hub.docker.com/ does not yield any results? I am trying to set this on docker running on synology NAS but searching does not yield any result.

I was wondering that, too, but I think their search is only indexed maybe once every 24 hours. I’d give it a bit more time. If there is a way you can give it the direct link, that may be a better way to do it quickly.

Thank you figured out the direct link way.

@rumrunner424 @mzp and others: there is now an arm version of the image available on Dockerhub. See if that works for you.

Thanks to all who have tested so far today - great feedback. I know of two main issues I still need to sort out:

  1. Get an executable built for arm platforms. I wish node pkg made this easier, but I think I’ll probably have to do it on my pi itself and then distribute that way.
  2. Make sure the Edge driver can handle multiple ssdp servers on the LAN so it only listens to responses from the myQ bridge server.

I have a Pi4 running Windows 10. I will give it a try there too.

I agree, you would need to do it on arm itself. Not sure if 32/64 bit play any further role or not.

First @brbeaird thank you for building this and brining this forward.

After reading your release notes it looks like the bridge server exe has to be on the same network as the openers as the it now queries the openers directly: Is that correct or does the bridge server just poll the MyQ servers?

I have my openers on an isolated guest network and that guest network blocks all inter device communications so if that’s the case I’m assuming I’ll need to move them back to the main network.