[ST Edge] Roku Driver

All - I’ve pushed out a new Roku driver update: Version 2022-05-08T20:26:11.653726

This update includes some further improvements in recovery when a device goes offline or changes IP address. If you’ve had problems with devices going offline and never coming back online, this may address that issue.


I have another update to the Roku driver: Version 2022-06-06T00:11:38.404535129

This additional change is a result of some additional information @infofiend (thank-you!) provided regarding Roku TVs (which I don’t have). It appears that when the TV is powered off, the Roku SW may also go offline. In order to ensure the driver recovers the connection to the the device without delay after it is turned back on, this driver update contains some code changes to speed up re-discovery of TV-type Roku devices. They should now show back online in the app in about 30-40 seconds at most after being turned back on. I hope these recent updates improves the stability and responsiveness of the devices.

Please report any issues or observations here so I can continue to make any needed improvements. Thanks!


Thank you for this driver.

For me the icon shows ‘active/on’ (rather than grey) when the Roku device is off. Was this a design choice?

Users of my Roku Edge Driver:

It appears that the media control buttons are no longer working for iOS mobile app users. The result of trying to tap any of the reverse, play, stop, or fast-forward buttons is a “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” message.

I don’t know yet if this is also the case for Android. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait for SmartThings to fix this, so that could be a long while. In the meantime, you will have to use the ‘Select a keypress’ button to control your Roku.


Samsung just updated the wifi mesh router / hub to work with edge drivers. However, I don’t see my Roku devices when I scan for new devices (after I installed the device driver). Do you know what can be done about this?

Have you gotten any other Edge drivers to work yet?

Yes. Other things work fine.

Difficult for me to say what the problem could be. I suspect your other Edge drivers are zigbee or zwave? You may be one of the first to try a LAN driver. Are you sure LAN drivers are supported?

You would have to download and run the CLI so we can see the logs.

This update is supposed to get those hubs up to the latest version as the others. It ‘should’ work. If you walk me through getting the logs from the CLI, I am more than happy to do so.

This post should help you get the CLI and run logs (as well as other commands).

Basically, once you have the CLI available on your machine this command will start logs:

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat

You’ll be prompted for your hub IP address, so make sure you know that, and you will choose the Roku driver from the list of installed Edge drivers. Press Ctrl-c to cancel logs at any time.

What you should do is fire up logging, then run discovery. Capture the log and paste back here, and be sure to surround the log text with triple backquotes (```) both at the beginning and at the end. This will help ensure readability.

EDIT: To prevent this topic from filling up with log dumps, please send me a direct message with your log.

I’m still working on trying to get the logs for the driver working. Quick question while I do. Is it safe to assume this edge driver is supposed to work for Roku TVs as well? Otherwise, that would be the problem, as I only have Roku TVs. Do we know if anyone has an edge driver for the google TV?

Yes it will find and support Roku TVs.

I don’t know if there is a driver for Google TV, but if no one has developed that yet I’d be happy to look into doing one as long as there is a well documented API and someone willing to endure all the testing!

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Good to know. I’ll continue to work out the issues with the CLI for the roku logging.
I would be happy to test for the google tv.

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  1. Does this driver support Roku Soundbars (they are like a media player but also provide the soundbar functionality

  2. Is it possible to enable the speaker functionality of the Roku soundbards the same way it is natively enabled for Sonus speakers so you can play sounds and alerts over the speakers?

Happy to Beta test if the functionality can be added.


Yes I have one installed

As is, ntot that I am aware of

@TAustin Absolutely beautiful sir! I was using older version of the Roku smartapp/dh from MrStevenFeldman and converted to your Edge driver today. Thank you!

At least in my case I was/am only utilizing the current status and power button features which you created perfectly.


I’m having an issue with some of my Roku TVs going offline after an automation takes an action.

For example: I have a bunch of Roku TVs and they are all setup with an automation to turn off after they’ve been on for 4 hours.

Basically, if Roku TV is on, and stays this way for 4 hours, then turn the Roku tv off.

The routing itself seems to work fine, however, it appears that a short time after (typically within a few minutes or less) the device goes offline and cannot be brought back online.

I’ve tried changing the ‘off’ routine to use the button press for power off but it’s the same result.

I saw in the release notes that the devices going offline was a known issue. Anything I can do to help debug?

Can you run logging with the CLI? That will allow us to see what may be happening. I’ve found that sometimes these devices go to sleep and stop responding. The driver will continue to try and re-discover the device so that when it does finally start responding on the network, things should go back to normal. I don’t have a TV, so don’t know exactly the behavior you may be seeing.

Actually it looks like I got it stabilized.

I initially tried adjusting the idle refresh time of the driver in various increments from 10 secs to 40 secs but it didn’t really help.

So Using the old modified Roku smart app/DH as a template, I had added a refresh interval there to 5 mins as my automations do not require anything more frequent than that for my current use-cases.

Once I adjusted the idle refresh interval to 300 seconds the Roku edge device now appear to be stable and haven’t gone offline again. I’ll keep monitoring for a few days and see if I see any of them go offline again.

I don’t know if it’s relevant but I have relatively packed hub with 159~ devices on it (according to graph) roughly 108 of those are physical z-wave/zigbee devices with the remainder being virtual, LAN (DSC, Roku) or internet integrations of various types (Honeywell Lyric Thermostats, Smartthings mobile presence, MyQ, etc)

I’ll give this a shot…thx