[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA]

It looks like ST didn’t “init” the device. Was this a new install or a migrated install? I would pull to refresh first. If that doesn’t enable the options, I would reboot your ST hub.

Hello, despite the fact yesterday i was half-way capable of seeing the driver, now i am getting stuck on the page “success” - with loading at the bottom that displays forever…

in summary:

  • i have the standard driver installed
  • i subscribe and activate all drivers (philis hue lan and the bridge and the virtual)
  • i search for a new device, and i find the philips hue (rename)
  • i click the button on the philips hue bridge
  • here we are…any help?

ST controller: aeotec v3 - and i rebooted it many times

And the driver seems to be correctly installed on the aeotec…

I succeded, by resetting the aeotec hub (reset button pressed for few tens of seconds while reconnecting the power, from a flashing yellow light up to a constant yellow light…)

@blueyetisoftware Did your publish work? The latest I am getting is:


New install, reboot did the trick.

Nice work! I have converter over to this driver and removed the Hue Connect. Love that you can use Effects in Automations which isn’t possible even in the native Hue app.


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The drivers (bond bridge, virtual devices) don’t have anything to do with Philips Hue devices.You only need the Philips Hue driver.

It looks like you are using the ST driver and not this one. This screen is not from this driver. I suggest searching for another hub device. You will know its the correct driver because the hub device will have an option to link to the Hue hub.

Also not sure why you would have done this. YoNot sure what that does to you hub, but it isn’t necessary to use this driver.

The publish did work. I know at least a few users that picked it up already. Maybe ST is being slow to roll it out. Let me know if you don’t see it by tomorrow.

Will do.

I had actually installed using the CLI and was not getting the version you posted. I’ll just wait/try again tomorrow.

You can use the channel ID from the invite to see the available drivers:

smartthings edge:channels:drivers 161eb460-1270-4d7f-8551-3a08d9183c79
 Name              Driver Id                             Version                        Created Date                    Last Modified Date             
 Virtual Devices   83ef370b-008b-4a5c-8e78-4e50281cf68d  2022-09-20T23:25:31.841012827  2022-09-20T23:25:32.029051476Z  2022-09-20T23:25:32.029051671Z 
 Bond Bridge       852605fd-bcd0-4ef0-8dff-fa4a5b0c6892  2023-03-17T20:43:16.017649193  2022-03-28T06:52:13.373650Z     2023-03-17T20:43:16.271861877Z 
 Philips Hue Beta  e308adab-0179-432b-91c1-750cc3ee483a  2023-03-18T03:08:00.194147138  2023-02-28T04:34:20.992505394Z  2023-03-18T03:08:00.425332390Z 

I apologize. I just went to try again and realized I fat-fingered when I tried the install/update earlier today. My mistake.

Thank you.

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Hi, the driver does work. But after a first installation where I couldn’t add the services I had, that I removed with the idea to discover it again, it was impossible to access the driver again during discovery . The hub had installed the driver, but I couldn’t access it during the discovery phase. I tried at least 50 times, rebooting and modifying the process /timing thinking I had some something wrong.

Hard resetting the hub did allow to access it again, first shot and now it works flawlessly. Fwiw, I think that the something must have gone wrong in the first installation or device removal

@blueyetisoftware just for info I changed to your recent beta from alpha largely without issue.

I did however notice that after the initial link some rooms & zones were not responding to off or effect trigger requests. On and dim requests were fine though. Also, of the impacted rooms/zones, the device tiles were not updating, although thier details were.

Tried a few reboots and rediscovery of rooms without joy, issue seemed to be a little random across rooms/zones during this process but always present.

However requesting and performing a fresh link request on a ‘quiet’ network solved any issues immediately. I can only conclude that the link/discovery process on the initial driver switch went a little awry.

BTW, being able to discover lights by room & zone is a stroke of genius, thank you :+1:

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Philips Hue Beta 2023-03-

  • Updates to unit tests and deployment scripts
  • Changes to try and work around “driver switch” issues with ST not initializing all devices
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Sorry, new to most of this and new to this driver/integration for sure. Few quick newbie question.

  1. In the past, I tested ST integration through the app, pick Hue, enter the user/password, and it synced up, but never again (didn’t know that going into it as I was redoing my Hue), so end up disable link between ST and Hue. For this driver, I got it installed, do I need to do anything? Add a Hue device into ST, or will it autodiscovery on my network?
  2. As a best practice, for the best outcome (logistically also), does it matter if I name the room the same between Hue and ST? Not sure what happened after the link is established, do these drivers place the discovery/bulb into the room if the two names so happen to much up?
  3. Lastly, what happens if I have more than one bridge? I am started my second bridge this week, and may end up with three ;( Would i find or integrated with all three bridges?

Thank you in advance as any input would be much appreciated


Hi @dwchan69

I’ll have a go at answering your queries, others may be able to expand,

  1. Enroll in the driver channel and install the driver. In ST scan for new devices and a Hue bridge device will be created for each Hue bridge on your network. For each one open the device and link the bridge. Next, through the device add Rooms/Zones ect. as you desire (Add Devices). Once you have rooms/zones imported lights can be added from the room/zone devices rather than wholesale from the bridge device.

  2. No, all hue assets are created in ST with the Hue names, rename or not at will.

  3. Definitely supports 2 Hue bridges without any issue whatsoever. I don’t believe number is restricted just repeat discovery process as you add them.

Good luck, this is a very useful driver, so much more flexible than stock…


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I’m curious, and maybe you’ve already answered this, but does this driver control any Hue device without the Hue Bridge and without needing to install the Hue mobile app? More specifically, would your driver control the Tap Dial Switch? Further, could I use your driver to assign the dial to control volume of a smart speaker?

No. This driver is specifically for the Hue bridge.

It does work with the tap dial as long as you have a bridge. You can setup all 4 buttons and the dial.

This would work, but only if the speaker supports incremental volume actions in ST. It needs to have actions for volume up and volume down so that you can call those when the dial is turned.

A Hue Bridge is necessary - yeah, I was afraid that would be the case. I guess I’ll try a Tuya ZigBee Smart Knob instead. Thanks for answering.