[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native)

If you are outside the US, ST may be offering up their own Edge driver. If this happens, the only way around it is to run discovery again without deleting theirs. Once THIS driver find the hub, you can delete their devices.

You also need to press the button on the Hue hub during discovery. You can verify the driver by checking the version in the ‘Driver’ section of the device menu.

I am in the US.
I did press the hub button on the top.

In the scan screen, the hub and all the lights were showing up. I have checked them and they are not edge driver.

I was rescanning again without deleting anything. Nothing was found.

I deleted the hub and tried it again. Still got the same thing. All the hue items with the hub were added but were on non-edge driver.

Hi… same here! @blueyetisoftware there some update to fix it?

@klkler88 and @Dienzora As stated in the original post, changes made outside of ST will not sync up in real time yet. There is a feature being added to the Edge stack to support this. Once it is available, it will be added here as well.


@blueyetisoftware how can I sync hue scenes ? I’ve created 4h ago and it not showed in light.

It sounds like you aren’t using this driver. This driver will import the Hue Hub and Rooms/Zones by default. Only rooms and zones support scenes. If lights were imported by default, then you are using the ST driver. I would verify that you have this driver installed by look at your ST hub device and going into the ‘Driver’ menu. If it is there, and ST is giving you their driver, you may need to run discovery a second time, and press the Hue hub pairing a second time as well. If that still doesn’t work, you can send me your driver logs in DM and I will take a look.

Published 2022-12-

  • Fix bug caused by trying to import rooms with no lights
  • Changes to temporary sync logic while waiting for ST to release SSE

If I make changes within the Hue app (renaming, etc.) how do I get SmartThings to see the changes?

For some reason, when I turn on one room in ST, its also turning on another room in ST.

If I turn on via Hue App, it doesnt replicate that behavior. Any ideas as to what could be causing that?

Changes outside of ST are not currently syncing up live. Please see the known issues in the original post and the last few comments before yours. We are waiting on ST to release some stuff. ST also doesn’t let us change names via code as far as I know. If you change it in the Hue app, you have to do the same in ST.

If you have multiple rooms turning on, then you probably have some other automation setup in ST. If you are using Zones, it is also possible that the zones overlap. That is up to you though.

Thanks. I’ll try out what was mentioned previously.

Hi [blueyetisoftware],

i can’t enroll with the provided link. I’ve tried both the links on this thread. Have yu got an alternative invitation link?

Thank you

The only link is in the original post. The invitation links and hub enrollment process are not specific to the driver. That is all managed by ST after the link is created. What is the issue?

Which model hub do you have?

Issue Announcement: HomeKit + Eero

There is at least one user that was unable to find the Hue hub on their network during device discovery. The Hue hub would not respond to discovery broadcasts due to network filtering within the Eero router. This filtering was setup through HomeKit, and prevents Hue from interacting outside of the Apple ecosystem. This has to be modified from inside HomeKit to open things up for Hue. Please see this article for details and refer to the section on “Granular HomeKit Security”

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Aeotec v3 EU

Does this enable matter pairing or is it still using Standard LAN? I’d like to see a matter edge driver for the hue Bridge as it just doesn’t work without a driver.

How do I enroll for the beta? I cannot find any links in the original post.

@quaningeneva Link to the driver channel is in post 1 (and repeated in post 2) of this thread… :+1:

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Just uses the LAN. There aren’t any benefits to switching to Matter once you have a LAN connection. Matter just makes pairing easier for users and standardizes device interactions. Once you have gone to the point of installing custom Edge drivers, you have already jumped over the reason for matter existing.

I used to connect hue bridge to SmartThings hub using LAN method. After I installed edge driver, both stock and this, I deleted hue bridge from smartthings app and tried to reconnect. But no matter what do I do, “scan nearby” or by brand, the hue bridge simply won’t use the edge driver but added as previous LAN devices. There is no driver when click the three dot menu, no setting in hue bridge. All lights were found together with the bridge and added as LAN devices as before.