[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native) (2024 workaround in post #736)

I recently added a dimmer to my Hue bridge and wanted to get it working in SmartThings. So I followed the workaround for adding new devices to an existing setup, but I couldn’t get the new dimmer detected. On top of that, all of my existing Hue devices went “offline” in the beta driver, even though they’re still functional via the official one.

So I decided to wipe everything clean and start from scratch: delete Hue bridge device, uninstall driver, unenroll, reboot ST hub, reenroll, reinstall driver, reboot ST hub again, and finally scan for nearby devices. But now the Hue bridge no longer gets added.

The log shows that the Hue bridge is being found, but the driver appears to be having trouble parsing the data coming from it. Here’s the relevant section of the log:

2024-02-09T06:57:52.755235981Z DEBUG Philips Hue Beta  driver device thread event handled
2024-02-09T06:57:52.799961898Z TRACE Philips Hue Beta  Received event with handler discovery
2024-02-09T06:57:52.816945481Z TRACE Philips Hue Beta  Received event with handler environment_info
2024-02-09T06:57:52.823278564Z DEBUG Philips Hue Beta  Z-Wave hub node ID environment changed.
2024-02-09T06:57:52.831173148Z DEBUG Philips Hue Beta  discovery registering callback
2024-02-09T06:57:52.839269731Z DEBUG Philips Hue Beta  discovery sending broadcast
2024-02-09T06:57:53.395094314Z INFO Philips Hue Beta  found host	Hue-Bridge.local	{"bridgeid":"****************","host":"Hue-Bridge.local","ipv4":"","port":443}
2024-02-09T06:57:53.399659148Z TRACE Philips Hue Beta  Received event with handler environment_info
2024-02-09T06:57:53.404164398Z DEBUG Philips Hue Beta  building socket for rest client
2024-02-09T06:57:53.482883814Z DEBUG Philips Hue Beta  setoption 'keepalive' for rest client
2024-02-09T06:57:53.628193398Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  failed to parse next chunk size
2024-02-09T06:57:53.631542981Z WARN Philips Hue Beta  retrying failed receive request	bad_read
2024-02-09T06:57:53.703359731Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  failed to parse next chunk size
2024-02-09T06:57:53.705923106Z WARN Philips Hue Beta  retrying failed receive request	bad_read
2024-02-09T06:57:54.768066356Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  failed to parse next chunk size
2024-02-09T06:57:54.771054814Z WARN Philips Hue Beta  retrying failed receive request	bad_read
2024-02-09T06:57:57.769742690Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  failed to parse next chunk size
2024-02-09T06:57:57.777216148Z WARN Philips Hue Beta  retrying failed receive request	bad_read
2024-02-09T06:58:04.821227274Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  failed to parse next chunk size
2024-02-09T06:58:04.831059066Z WARN Philips Hue Beta  retrying failed receive request	bad_read
2024-02-09T06:58:19.858487692Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  failed to parse next chunk size
2024-02-09T06:58:19.862952026Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  socket error processing request	bad_read
2024-02-09T06:58:19.865387817Z DEBUG Philips Hue Beta  closing socket for rest client
2024-02-09T06:58:19.867792109Z ERROR Philips Hue Beta  [0/bad_read] GET /api/0/config
2024-02-09T06:58:19.870164776Z TRACE Philips Hue Beta  REST client received shutdown message
2024-02-09T06:58:19.872534484Z TRACE Philips Hue Beta  REST client thread has been terminated

I’d appreciate any help. I love this driver and would be very happy to get it working again.

installed the driver on the Aeotec V3 HUB and it is present, as per the instructions I searched for a new device and connected the HUB HUE (device connected to the Aeotec HUB), there is no settings menu on the HUE HUB, I tried restarting the Aeotec HUB and redoing everything from the beginning but nothing

@VRampa There is a current ST issue, workaround is earlier in this thread:


The workaround seems to be for only those who had already added their hue system before ST broke it. I did as well, but deleted my hub from ST before I realized there was an issue. Is there a workaround for those who don’t have a hub listed in ST?

All I am aware of is what is discussed in this thread I’m afraid…

@blueyetisoftware - Just wanted to say thanks for this excellent driver. I had a few issues getting setup with all the discovery, native & new drivers and then the new app limitations workaround, but now it’s working, it really is a game changer. I’ve got faster and more consistent lights, can make proper use of my new tap-dial switch (in ST as well as Hue) and massively tidied up my ST device count (as well as the double benefit of reducing those going into Alexa). Thank you very much!


@blueyetisoftware is there any way the mode/status for a Hue lamp can be exposed in SmartThings Routines? It would be very helpful to be able to trigger a Routine when a lamp is ‘syncing.’ I can accomplish the same in SharpTools right now but running local where possible would be a plus.

I’m not familiar with this. What “mode” are you looking for? What does it mean for a light to be “syncing”? For this driver, the events are pushed from the Hue hub to the driver. They aren’t polled. There is a separate polling step that is done at very low frequency to ensure data is self correcting, but it is 99% event driven when there are not comms issues.

I am going from this is the history of a device:

The rapid change there is me testing.

Over in SharpTools it shows up as Mode with values of streaming or normal:

(The reasons the SharpTools Attribute has a different timestamp is I am not subscribing to that on this device in SharpTools so it’s just showing the last value from when I manualy updated the link between SharpTools and SmartThings).

From the Advanced Web App:

Is that a bulb using the ST platform driver? I don’t think I have an attribute like that. The “streaming” verbiage also looks like it is attempting to model the Hue Sync mode for an individual light.

I haven’t tried to support that since there isn’t really anything you can do with it. However, the ST version of the driver does have a capability called samsungim.hueSyncMode which has the values normal or streaming.

Is this what you are looking for? Are you asking that I add support for the Hue Sync modes? You can’t enable/disable Hue sync from a driver. You can only show the status.

So I’m an idiot. You are right, for Hue lights ONLY I am currently using the SmartThings stock driver (just too many lights move over right now). So I understand what you said there and why you didn’t understand what I was asking at first.

And yes, I was only looking to get the status of the syncing so I could use it in SmartThings Routines. For example, if x is streaming then turn off some lights. I do not expect to be able to start or stop Hue Sync from SmartThings. We’ve discussed that before and I know it’s not an option.

Make sense?

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:+1: Yep. Status would be it, but is possible


Is there any chance you could help me troubleshoot this, @blueyetisoftware? I would really like to get this driver working so that I can use my dimmer switches again.

I wouldn’t have recommended wiping out your entire install to try to get a dimmer working. Now that you have, there is no way to figure out why the dimmer didn’t work. In addition, based on your logs, the packets coming from the Hue hub are not structured as expected. That could be do to the Hue firmware or ST hub firmware. Since that error is at the socket layer, there is no login that you will be able to capture and share. The only way to fix it would be for me to have the same setup and get the same error so I could see the packets. Let’s start with your version of the hardware for the ST and Hue hubs, as well as the firmware version for each.

I still have not received any sort of update from ST. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they don’t want this fixed :slight_smile:

I am considering taking down the driver rather than continue to support more “workaround” installs. It wouldn’t kill current installs. Any strong opinions? How painful was the workaround setup for those that had to take that route?

I certainly wouldn’t want to lose what you have done. It’s huge in my setup. I even voted that I would pay for it if you went that route.

I have had no issues with the workarounds. This is adding new devices or the occasional refresh to get things back online/updated all on a setup already in place.


This driver is the best one in my ST setup and is a very large part of my routines. I’ve used the workarounds for new rooms and zones and have zero complaints about it. It hasn’t bothered me at all that ST “broke” this driver because the workarounds do work! I also voted that I would pay for this driver.


Hi @blueyetisoftware . I think similar than Nezmo, all my setup has boosted with your your development. Thank you very much again, I really appreciated it. No doubt I would pay for it.

Regarding the workaround, it’s not so painful once you understand the point and how it works.


I’m not usually an optimist when it comes to SmartThings/Samsung but I think it’s significant that there were rumblings that the floor plan thing may be coming to the iOS app in the coming months. I’m wondering if they’re simply tied-up with other things. Of course, I agree that fixing previously working things should be a priority but we know from years of experience that’s not how it works.


Thanks for the response. I regret wiping everything and realized soon afterwards that I really shouldn’t have.

I suspect that the problem is on the ST end, because when I download using a browser or curl, the response does not appear to be malformed:

{"name":"Hue Bridge","datastoreversion":"165","swversion":"1962154010","apiversion":"1.62.0","mac":"**:**:**:**:**:**","bridgeid":"****************","factorynew":false,"replacesbridgeid":null,"modelid":"BSB002","starterkitid":""}

My Hue Bridge is running firmware 1.62.1962154010.

My ST hub is a Samsung V2 and is running firmware version 000.052.00007.

What should I try next?