[ST Edge] Opt-In to auto upgrade of driver channels

Is there a way for a user to opt-in or opt-out of auto upgrades of a driver once they are enrolled in a channel? Is being enrolled considered opting in? I have had a couple requests from users wanting to manually update drivers.

Hi, @blueyetisoftware.
I’m checking this with the engineering team. I’ll come back once I have more information :smiley:

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Nayely there was an initial business requirement to be able to manage the channel subscriptions, invite and remove hubs/accounts. The invite part is implemented when can we expect the manage/remove part ?

Following up on this question, the team mentioned there are no current plans to allow a manual update of the driver. However, they are aware of this requirement, in case something is defined, they will let us know.

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I’m asking around about this, so far there’s no updated info regarding the feature of “channel enrollment management”.

@RBoy, there’s no information about the feature you requested yet. In case we have an update, we’ll contact you directly.

Thanks. I have some users on an alpha testing channel. They only way they know something has changed is if I send them a note. They can’t decide when to update, nor are they notified when a new driver is installed on their hub.