[ST Edge] Local Bond Bridge Edge Driver [BETA]

Yeah, that part works fine, was just thinking about reserving the IP Address to keep that pipeline open because I"m running some LAN Device Monitor Drivers in the same fashion and have had zero issues and one of them loses its IP all the time and fires back up everytime with no issues.

Published 2022-05-

  • Updates for breaking changes in the soon to be released ST firmware
  • Ability to pause shades in a partially open position (@jkp - let me know if this works for you)

There is also a ST platform bug that is currently preventing custom views from working, so the devices look pretty basic, especially the dashboard tiles. The ST team is currently working on a fix.

Thanks for getting on top of it so fast!

Yeah, it’s odd seeing the ring light level instead of connected on the tile.

yes… still working with update.

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Hub Firmware v43.03 hit my Hub earlier this morning Bond is down for me.

Ok. I haven’t seen that version yet, but will take a look once

So the root cause of the immediate issue with Bond has been identified and the ST team has a fix on the way out. I don’t know how long that will take to get to the hubs. Once that is out, I can update the driver and try v43 again. There is still one other issue effecting v43, but Bond is at least half way there.

Cool, Im suprised I’m the only one whos said something or on v43.

Did your hub update yet?

No. I’m not signed up for the beta. Are you on the firmware beta? I got half way through the survey and decided it was too much

Yeah, been on beta since August.

I was tracking the thread, so hopefully ST gets the rest of the fix for you.

I can push a possible patch to the alpha if you are still enrolled in that

I’m not on the Alpha Bond , but did the patch work for Hue?

No, but it is implemented as the ST team has suggested. Let me know if you want to check it on Bond. Otherwise, I am in a bit of a holding pattern waiting on a hub update.

I mean, it doesnt work right now(Bond Beta), so basically, I can give it a try for you and pull some logs for you to see what its doing on v43

the latest version pushed out today works on 43

This is the last Bond driver version 2022-05- It does not use cosock, due to a bug in cosock that is awaiting a fix by ST, so I expect issues with v43. @jkp Can you verify your version? @K_White Can you verify as well? I do have a swing at a patch that will allow the driver to get around the bug for now, but I don’t want to leave it in there.

Version 05-17-22

You’re still on the sandbox then :slight_smile:

Thought you were off of that. I use that for development. That is the version I was working on today that I am offering to roll out. Still wouldn’t recommend that channel. I try out a lot of things over there.

Im on this version