[ST Edge] Lidl Bulb Zigbee Driver

Can you add Sylvania and Ecosmart bulbs too?
Sylvania is is one of the Osram brands.


I add them, but I can’t prove it.
install the bulb with searching nearby, if you choose by brand it does not install well, at least it happened to me when installing my osram.

I’ll readd them with “Scan Nearby”, and let you know if I find any issues.
I’ll wait to get invite for your channel :slightly_smiling_face:


By adding the following metadata description at the bottom of your profile.yaml you should get the device icon issue fixed:

  - name: Light
  deviceType: Light
  ocfDeviceType: oic.d.light
  deviceTypeId: Light


Yes I already did and it worked fine


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Please, what is the multi-purpose sensor st icon? or where can I find it.


Try this OCF list:


You can also get those values by creating a device profile in the Developer Workspace > device profiles manager and querying the profile from the API.

smartthings deviceprofiles xxxx-xxxx-xxxx -y

The metadata for the multipurpose sensor is:

deviceType: MultiFunctionalSensor
ocfDeviceType: x.com.st.d.sensor.multifunction
deviceTypeId: MultiFunctionalSensor

@nayelyz & @Automated_House
I already put it in the profile file and it is working.
Thank you


@Mariano_Colmenarejo do you think this driver would work for the Sengled Led ZigBee bulb?

All of zigbee Color Temperature Light Bulbs should work with this Edge driver, as long as fingerprint is added to driver.
There is small issue that does not effect bulb performance. Issue is with detail page of device, with preselected Color Temperature scale
Original Edge driver was created for Lidl bulbs, with range from 2200K to 6500K
Other bulbs have different temperature range. Here are couple examples
Lidl 2200K-6500K

Osram 2700K-6500K

Linkid 2700K-6500K

Keystone 2700K-5000K

Now the issue is temperature scale that is based on some percentage of range set in driver, inthis case 2200K to 6500K

If you have other brand selecting predefined lovest temperature should give you 3080K, however due preset driver temperature it goes to 2450K witch your 2700K-6500K can not render. Device gets stuck for couple of seconds and than goes to lowest possible value 2700K.
It would be the same issue for upper range, if bulbs like Keystone can produce only 5000K.
If there is a way to query Temperature range, that could be solved with one driver, or we need multiple drivers for different temperature range
Hopefully this explains the issue

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I do not know if it will work well, if you want to try send me the model and manufacturer that you see in the IDE and I add it to the update that I am ending with on and / or off regulation

@Mariano_Colmenarejo is it possible to create 2 or 3 drivers with different Temperature range that when you adding fingerprint, you add them to correct driver? Something like:
Zigbee Color Temperature Bulb 2200K-6500K
Zigbee Color Temperature Bulb 2700K-6500K
Zigbee Color Temperature Bulb 2700K-5000K

I think it will be possible create differents profiles or subdrivers, give me time and I look at it. I’ve been busy with the level dimmer and the multiswitch

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It can be done with a custom device presentation using the “values” and “range” properties. Eg.

"component": "main",
"capability": "colorTemperature",
"version": 1,
"values": [
        "key": "colorTemperature.value",
        "enabledValues": [],
        "range": [
        "step": 1

This way, those buttons act according to the specified range, for example in the range of 2200K - 6500K, the value for the first one is 2630K.

This is the VID as a reference: 1491a1e5-b77e-3e8b-8fad-49ed566a5ca8, remember you can get the original device-config using the command:

smartthings presentation:device-config vid -j -o=devConfigPres.json

Link just as a reference:

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Here are the to types I have.

I will test them using your driver and report what I find.

Also I will need the link to your driver channel

Ecosmart was already included in the initial version

I have added Sengled as profile switch and level.

The link is here

it will take about 12 hours to update

@Mariano_Colmenarejo with 1.1 driver change Ecosmart bulb’s details page now does not show level and temperature update. I have tried clearing cache restarting hub, but no change.

Bulb is On, but shows 0% for level and temperature.
I can turn bulb on and off, but there is no update even on that status, icon is just spinning, and eventually throws an error message.

Before this update everything was working