[ST Edge] Is there some way to hide component headers in detailView?

If you want more than 1 of the same capability, then you have to hang it under a different component name. I can deal with that. However, I don’t like that the component names are displayed in detail view. It’s redundant information (controls already have a label) and a waste of space. Is there some way to hide those?

Hi, @nmpu.
No, it’s not possible to hide the component name. However, there’s a report to allow us to show the component label instead where we can use a more human-readable value.

I assume a ‘report’ is a new feature request. Would it
be possible to add a no-show option for blank label or a particular value like ‘NONE’?

No, it’s a bug report because we can assign the label but it’s only shown in the Routines tool and it’s ignored in the Detail View of the device.

Sure, I can open a feature request. However, it will depend on the team’s analysis and workload so, it could take long till we receive news from them.