[ST Edge] Honeywell / Ademco Vista Panel - Envisalink

Thanks for the reply. It’s a Honeywell Vista 21iP panel.

Ok, was able to make some progress. I didn’t RTFM closely enough :slight_smile: I was able to set up the Envisalink and now am at “Keypad access programming not completed”. I’ll go back to the installer and get that fixed and see if that does it.

I am a little worried that the 21iP programming notes have this note:
NOTE: If you own a Vista 21iP, you MUST physically disable the onboard IP communicator for the EnvisaLink to function as communicator. You do this by removing the two-pin shunt on the jumper just below the onboard RJ-45 Jack on the Vista21IP panel. Please see the Vista 21IP Installation Manual for a full diagram.

The alarm company is using the onboard communicator for their notifications and for the Total Connect 2.0 app access. I’m not sure I need the Envisalink to function as a communicator, my use case is to arm/disarm using SmartThings…

Hello, I am new to Smartthings and this Edge Driver but I seem to have everything setup and working properly as best I can tell. I am trying to make a routine that will turn the lights on when a fault (ie a door is opened) and the system is armed (stay or away) but the siren is not yet going off (In Vista Terms this is during the entry delay when the keypad beeps awaiting a disarm). From what I can tell by reading this thread, the evl4 documentation, and what I can observe in the Smarthings app and debug logs this does not work because the Vista panel does not update zone status while armed. I planned to get around this by added an output of zone type 32 (start of entry timer) to trigger 17 but I can’t seem to get the edge driver to recognize the output trigger. I also setup a function key (zone type 66) on the panel to output to trigger 17 (I tried all the output actions but figured close for 2 seconds was most reasonable) but the edge driver does not seem to reflect that on the HW Switch triggerOne or HW Switch TriggerTwo.

FWIW when I press the function key I hear the chime acknowledging the key press and when I toggle the state of the HW Switch triggerOne from the Android Smartthings app the keypad makes a noise. I have also tried to use trigger 18 with the same results. I have rebooted my smartthings hub, my EVL4, and my vista panel by removing power. My firmware and versions seem to be up to date as well. My edge driver has GUID a232e466-eb39-4f8a-998b-032ea9fcd28c (not sure if that is specific to me or that is meaningful to the global version) I will also add that I have done this years ago on another Vista panel with the only variable being that I sent the commands to an x10 transformer instead of the built in triggers.

I saw where @aiden56 tried to do something with the “DISARM SYSTEM or alarm occurs” back in Nov 2021, but Smartthings and this edge driver has changed since then. I have included below the debug output from the driver and line 2 and line 8 is the where the data should be based on when I pressed the keypad button that outputs close for 2 seconds to trigger 17.

Am I missing something? Is “HW Switch triggerOne” mapped to output 17 on the Vista 20p? Is there some other routine configuration that will allow me to turn on the lights during the pre-alarm countdown?

Column 1
2024-03-27T15:58:32.611703222-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:58:36.314189132-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:58:42.559935770-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:58:52.377694256-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:59:02.309583156-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:59:12.241127201-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:59:22.061216307-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:59:26.193927558-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $
2024-03-27T15:59:31.987281082-05:00 TRACE Honeywell-Ademco Envisalink RX < %00,01,1C08,08,00,DISARMED Ready to Arm $

Just want to say thank you again for great driver.

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Easiest thing would be to add a Zwave/zigbee sensor.
I have smartthings disarm my alarm with welcome home routine and/or when I unlock door with key pad.

Thank you for the feedback. I currently do something like that already, but I am looking to add the Alarm system into the loop so it covers the case when we are already at home and a door or window zone is faulted. In that case I want all our lights on a soon as possible. Since the Vista monitors and alarms on all these zones I have am focusing on it. I had considered adding a zigbee water sensor (since they have exposed contacts) to the alarm panel that would activate in my scenario, but the idea of having to manage the zigbee battery inside the alarm panel and having to rewire the sensor after every battery change is a turn off which is why I want the trigger to work if possible.