[ST Edge] Get hub name and home/away status

Is there a way to get the name of the ST hub that is running an edge driver? My driver registers with other devices on the LAN and I would like to refer to it by the ST hub name in case it is installed on multiple ST devices. For example, say I have the driver installed on 2 devices (Aeotec v3, ST station charging pad). These both register for auth token with a 3rd party device. From the perspective of that device, there is no way to uniquely label these. If I could get the name of the ST hub devices, I could use that name. This could be exposed through the driver interface if it is not already exposed somewhere.

Second, I would like to get access to the Home/Away status for the ST hub device for use internally. This is more of a feature request. I can imagine a driver callback for the location mode where we can put any logic we want.

Hi, @blueyetisoftware
I asked the team about this, once I have more info, I’ll get back to you.

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