[ST Edge] FortrezZ WWA-01AA Temperature and Leak Sensor

Update: I have consolidated this driver into the following which covers multiple other sensors:

The FortrezZ WWA-01AA is an older device, but I have a couple of them and they have yet to fail. I’ve never been happy with how they worked with a generic leak sensor handler though, so this is a port of my Groovy DTH to an Edge driver.

Out of the box, the device will send a dry notification when it wakes up (I think default is every 4 hours). Otherwise, it will send a wet notification if a leak is detected and a freeze alert if the temperature drops to 39F. Battery is reported initially at 99% but then isn’t reported until it’s critically low, at which point it reports 0%. The only thing that can be configured is the wake-up interval, though the device can also be polled for temperature and battery reports on wake up.

This driver will:

  • Poll for a temperature report at every wake up if configured to do so in the settings menu. Note that temperature is measured at the nearest degree C. Temperature will post to device history even if there is no change as proof that the device is still alive.
  • Poll for a battery report at every wake up if configured to do so in the settings menu.
  • Allow the wake-up interval to be configured in the settings menu. The interval will be changed at the next wake up. If it doesn’t take, change it to a different number and wait for the next wake up.

Shorter wake-up intervals and lots of polling probably drains the batteries a little faster than intended, but these take 2AAs and I haven’t noticed (but also haven’t tracked) that the batteries are dying all that quickly with one-hour wake ups. YMMV.

This driver is intended specifically for the WWA-01AA. If you have a different model, you probably want to look elsewhere since the other FortrezZ models have more configuration options instead of needing to be polled.

To install:

  1. Use the channel link to enroll in the thread linked above and install the driver on your hub.
  2. Use the SmartThings app to exclude your device (there is currently no way to switch from a Groovy DTH to an Edge driver except by deleting and then adding the device).
  3. Use Add deviceScan nearby in the SmartThings app to include your device. Your device should pick up this driver if the fingerprint matches.



I’d like to try this. I’m not at the location where the sensor is currently and won’t be for some time. Do I need to actually press the button on the front of the device or will the device go into pairing mode automatically after I exclude it via the SmartThings app? Thanks.

This driver is now folded into the driver below, which supports additional devices and will likely support more devices in the future. Follow the channel link and instructions in that thread.

You’ll need to be there to manipulate the device. We’re also getting close to the automatic migration, so you may just want to wait for that at this point.


Hi, I was looking in the github repo and I saw references to mimolite as well. Will this be able to control the mimolite as a garage opener? Thanks.

Any chance you could add the FortrezZ Water Valve + Sensor combo (WV-01)? It always worked well with the old device handler. I would hate to lose the ability to use this valve when everything goes Edge.