[ST EDGE] Fibaro motion sensor FGMS-001 driver differences

I have Fibaro motion sensors FGMS-001, that is zwave sensors with lot of setting parameters, to adjust the behaviour of the sensors.
One sensor was updated by Samsungs automatic migration to new edge drivers, and this contain all of the settings needed for adjustment.
Other sensor I excluded from network (exclude zwave device) myself and added again, and both sensors got the same edge driver Zwave sensor from the Samsung Smartthings repo.
The other sensor, did not have any settings meny, as the first sensor that was migrated by Samsung.

First 3 images show the sensor that I excluded and included myself.

Next 4 images show the first sensor that Samsung migrated, and this one has settings menu and all the setting parameters.
Notice that both devices has same driver!

Anybody has a clue what is going on?

Setting parameters are very important, as for example the light thresshold, can not be set to 10 lux, so it will only report light changes at default 200 lux changes if this parameter cannot be set.

I investigated and found that the raw data for the 2 different Fibaro sensors is different:

Version 1 above is apparently not included in Smartthings driver file, but following is:

Can version 1 also be added to the Smartthings Edge driver Zwave sensor?
It is same sensor, same functions, just 2 versions.

Hi @Kina500

The two sensors are in the same driver but:

The product 0801 sensor is the most modern and is assigned to a profile that has almost all the configuration parameters of that device according to the manual.

The other model is the product 0800 and it is older, the configuration parameters are different and it is assigned to a standard profile β€œmotion-battery-temperature-illuminance-acceleration” which has no parameter setting preferences.

I guess that smartthings only migrates to Edge devices that Fibaro had certified for smartthings. The 0800 model should not be on the list, but Fibaro and smartthings should answer that

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

According to the manual of the 2 motion sensors, version 1 and version 2, the parameter ID’s and functions are exactly the same, I know that Fibaro came with the ZW5 version (version 2), but both version worked with the same DTH (for ZW5).

Not being able to access the setting parameters of the multi sensor, make it unusable.
For example the light sensor threshold is default 200 lux, so light have to change 200 lux before it is reported to hub.
To use the light sensor in the motion sensor, for detecting when light should be turned on, it has to be set to threshold 10 lux.

I know you made the driver Z-wave device config Mc, i also tried that, but changing back to correct edge driver, the sensor just return all the parameters to default again.

Could you copy the Smartthings zwave sensor to your driver package and add the fingerprint for the 0800?
Setting parameters are extremely important on zwave devices with multible functions.

For parameter changes to be accepted by the device, it has to be awake.

That may be the problem you see.
You have to wake him up with the B button when you send him the parameter and then you can read it to see if it is saved.

When changing to the stock driver, it is not reconfigured and the parameters it has are maintained.

For 0800 and 0801 model Parameter numbers are the same but some ranges and byte sizes are different.

I can create a profile with the same parameters as 0801 and the correct values, when this is done I’ll let you know

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi @Kina500

Try installing this driver TEST version and performing a driver change.

After changing the drive it may be necessary to clear the app cache if you use android

Added same preferences of 0801 model and added Temperature report interval parameter 62.
Some max ranges 65535 are limited to 32767 like 0801 model due to max range for size = 2 bytes unsigned

Please if works fine tell me to merge with Mc driver

 Name         Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat TEST
 Version      2023-03-13T20:58:17.800759534

Thank you so much, you are very fast :slight_smile:

I installed and changed the driver, now I can set the illumination threshold to 10 and illumination reports to 120s :ok_hand:

I am not home at the moment, so I cannot try if the threshold 10 lumen setting actually has an effect, meaning was set.

I noticed when I changed to your new test driver, that the threshold value was the default 200, even if I tried to set it to 10 lumen with your driver Z-wave device config Mc and repeatly pressed the B button on the device, so this Fibaro device simply set it back to defaults when switching between drivers.

I will check further late afternoon if the 10 lumen take affect :slight_smile:

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I’m glad it works.

What is shown in preferences as default values does not have to be what the device has saved, it is not bidirectional.

This value is not sent in the installation precisely to respect what the device may have configured.

What tends to happen is that if you do a fresh install normally the device is set to the default values and matches the preferences.

In order for a value to be sent to the device, there must be a value change in the preference and save. If there is no change, the infoChanged lifecycle is not generated and nothing is sent to the device.

If you want to make sure the values are sent to the device you have to make a change in each preference and save and of course wake up the device.

This is so for all drivers.

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

It seems to work, as I can follow that smaller changes have effect on the readings on the device now.
Fantastic :grinning:

I noticed that parameter 42 and parameter 62 have the same text, maybe 62 is the temperature reporting interval.

Thank you very much for putting effort into this :+1:

A copy and paste error, I will correct it and merge it with the Mc driver
This driver version will be updated automatically on your hub in 12 hour max, or you can uninstall old date driver version and reinstall the new version.

When you change to MC new driver version your preference parameters will maintain the values chosen by you

 Name         Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2023-03-14T12:02:28.007162435

After driver version updated automatic, should I then switch to driver to β€˜Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat’ instead of β€˜Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat TEST’ ?
I guess if you merge the changes, β€˜Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat TEST’ don’t exist anymore.

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