[ST Edge] DSC Security System / Envisalink Driver (2021)

So I have been seeing these issues all week. Sometimes it seems like events are just missing. A door opens and it triggers a routine but when the door is closed it doesn’t trigger the corresponding routine. Open/close the door and everything is back to normal. Today, no issues at all.
Just FYI, if it continues I will report it to SmartThings support.

There are problems with the platform at the moment where device events are getting lost. There’s a topic that has been created if you want to add your voice.

I hope this gets fixed soon, I have folks on my vEdge driver topic also impacted by this.

I am seeing an issue with the driver not connecting to the DSC system after a power failure. My cable modem (modem/router/Wi-Fi) and the SmartThings Hub are on the same circuit. On a powerup, all the DSC zones remain offline. They all show offline in SmartThings but they will not come back online unless I reboot the ST Hub. All other devices, including network devices such as Shelly or Tasmota come back online on their own. So, in other words, when the cable modem and SmartThings Hub power up at the same time, the DSC devices do not come online.
I am seeing this a fair bit since I have a “Keep Connect” auto rebooter that reboots (by cycling power) the cable modem if it looses internet connection for a period of time. The cable modem and SmartThings Hub are on the same circuit so both get power cycled. Since our ISP is doing a lot of work on the network, we are seeing a lot of reboots. Each time this happens, I have to reboot the SmartThings Hub to get the DSC system back online.

A couple things:

  • Have you been able to verify that the Envisalink gets reconnected to the network. One way to verify this is to bring up the Envisalink webpage by plugging its IP address into your browser.

  • I know because of the restart situation this may be difficult, but if there is any way to capture driver logs during this sequence, it would be helpful. It could be a timing issue of the driver trying to connect before the Envisalink is fully online, but subsequent connection retries should be working…

The Envisalink connects very quickly to the local network as well as through the web on a router reboot.

Regarding the logs, once I was able to connect after the router reboot, the logs did not report anything from the Envisalink. As before, I had to reboot the SmartThings Hub to get communication to the Envisalink. After the ST Hub reboot, all DSC devices came on line and the logs showed lots of activity.

But were you getting any log output at all from the driver?

No, nothing at all:

? Select a driver. 4

connecting… connected

Hard to diagnose this one. If you have a poll frequency of 5 minutes configured, then if the driver thinks it is connected, you should see a little bit of activity every 5 minutes. Otherwise, you should see a reconnection attempt every 15 seconds or so. If there’s nothing at all, it makes me wonder if the driver is even loaded and running.

Do you have any other LAN-based drivers running on your hub? I’m wondering if something unusual is happening as your cable modem and hub are restarting simultaneously - if possibly the hub’s networking isn’t getting started normally and some fatal error is occurring which is disabling the driver.

Periodic Connection Check is set for 5 minutes. Let me try this again and make sure at least 5 minutes have gone by.

The other Lan based drivers include your Shelly Drivers (Gen 1 and 2) as well as Tasmota, Sonos, Bond Bridge, PowerView Shades. No issues with any other drivers.

If this is something you can reproduce, then the best bet is to try and capture the driver log while it is starting up.

What you’ll need to do is to keep retrying the CLI logcat command (that specifies the driver ID) until it works: While the hub is booting you’ll get errors, but just keep rapidly retrying until it finally connects with the hub. Then you should catch the start up and we can see what is going on.

I can’t seem to catch the startup of the ST hub. I think by the time my pc has detected that the wi-fi is back up and connects, the ST hub is well on it’s way rebooting. The router and ST hub power up at the same time, the router takes 3 or 4 minutes and I think the hub is faster than that.

Below is what I do get. The app does show that the DSC devices are offline so that is good, it just doesn’t reconnect to the DSC until I reboot the ST Hub on its own. Sorry, I can’t be more helpful, if you can think of anything else for me try, just let me know.

connecting… connected

2023-11-20T22:30:40.966708006+00:00 DEBUG Envisalink 3.1 driver device thread event handled

2023-11-20T22:35:40.966772801+00:00 DEBUG Envisalink 3.1 driver device thread event handled

2023-11-20T22:40:40.975343799+00:00 DEBUG Envisalink 3.1 driver device thread event handled

connecting… connected

2023-11-20T22:56:00.630863779+00:00 DEBUG Envisalink 3.1 driver device thread event handled

2023-11-20T23:01:00.636623179+00:00 DEBUG Envisalink 3.1 driver device thread event handled

Any ideas on this? After a little more than a week of no issues, my ISP is back to working on things at 3:00 am taking down my internet connection. Which is hanging up the Envisalink Driver on reboot. Is there something else I can do at my end to help you find/fix the issue?

One other thing you could do is set up long term logging to file so that way we can at least see what happens when the connection is lost, which might give us a hint of why it’s not able to recover once your IP is working again. Just because your internet connection is going down, that shouldn’t affect your local LAN, and I would hope your hub continues to run and spit out driver logs.

  1. Find out the SmartThings driver ID of the Envisalink driver.
  2. Open a powershell (not command prompt) window
  3. Navigate to where you have the CLI installed
  4. Type this command:
smartthings edge:drivers:logcat <driverid> | tee -a envisalink.log

Leave this running overnight when you think your connection will be going down and then in the morning you can open the envisalink.log file to see if you captured anything useful.

Sorry, I didn’t explain this very well, let me try again to describe my situation. In my case, when the internet connection goes down, the local LAN goes down as well. This is because the modem is powered from an auto rebooter (“Keep Connect”) that reboots the modem (by cycling power) when it (the rebooter) detects loss of internet (it pings certain sites). I installed this so that when I am away, the modem is rebooted in the event of any connection issues. It works well, the only issue is that the Envisalink driver does not reconnect after this event, I have to reboot the ST Hub.
I did have both the modem and the ST Hub powered from the rebooter so essentially this was like a power failure happening to the modem and the ST Hub. I have since changed that so only the modem is connected to the rebooter and so the ST Hub does not loose power during a reboot. In this case, the Envisalink driver does reconnect to the DSC after the LAN is back up.
So really, this is more an issue with recovery from a power failure. I only see this issue with the Envisalink driver, all other LAN based devices reconnect on their own.
Hope this makes sense.

Anyone noticing this issue? Im running the latest 3.1 driver.
Everything works great but eventually after a few days it stops working.
Smart things is stuck on DISARMING and it never goes away.

If i remove and reinstall it works again.

Hi and welcome to the community.

Sorry you are having this issue. First question is do you have both your SmartThings hub and EVL-3/4 device set up with static IP addresses?

Does the lock-up ONLY occur when in the act of disarming?

We may need to get you set up with the SmartThings CLI so we can run some driver logs to see if that shows us anything useful.

Hi TAustin, I actually experienced the same thing (showed stuck in disarming, also all the sensors showed offline), I only noticed it after a couple of days because my kitchen light wasn’t coming on, and my thermostat wasn’t switching to home when I came home and opened the door with the alarm set. What was bizarre is the alarm still armed itself at 10pm every night.

At any rate, I tried resetting the envisalink card, that did nothing. Then I reset the smartthings hub, which didn’t do anything at first, so I went and tried to uninstall your driver so I could reinstall. It said I couldn’t remove it because it was in use. So, I opened the app to uninstall the alarm, and low and behold it was working again. My guess is the reboot of the hub got it back in the game, I was just impatient, but thought I would add my 2 cents in case it helps someone else, or even you to figure out what the root cause was.

I had been using your plugin for quite a while now, with no issues at all, so I am going to chalk it up to general weirdness.

Thanks for your great work, love it!

Thanks for your report. It’s been difficult for me to recreate this issue, so I’ve not been able to come up with a fix. Are you able to recreate it at-will? (same question to you, @tmushy) If so, then we could run some driver logs to see what may be causing it in the first place.

Yeah, have only had this happen one time, so definitely not reproducible for me. If it happens again, I will be sure to try to troubleshoot what exactly happened.

I assume that I made some error when installing something since I assume this isn’t what it’s supposed to look like. Any ideas?