[ST Edge] Driver for Ring Keypad 2nd Gen

Thanks for the reminder, Andy. I have the same Zooz siren you do and was missing the door chime. I completely forgot that the Ring keypad has chimes built in, they never worked when I used Rboy’s driver.

Hi, I hope you don’t mind if I ask a follow on question. I too am interested in such a capability as you described (mostly). I was thinking that having multiple codes set, and interpreted on the hub, allows me to use the keypad as not only arm/disarm, but as individual access control. When a good pin is entered (say followed with the check of the checkmark), I can lock/unlock doors separate from the alarm function. So if the alarm is Disarmed, our cat sitter can enter their code to unlock the door. If the alarm is Armed, then the code will unlock the door and disarm the alarm. So I can use it for access control while also managing the alarm.

So my question is, did you implement what you discussed with hmorsti, and if so, how are you managing the codes?


No sorry I haven’t progressed this as yet. I’m still to obtain a keypad. I dont think I will be able to achieve my aims directly with the ST app. I’m now using Home Assistant and Node Red and I have integrated ST into them. This will allow me to do more with the ST connected devices.

God luck

Thanks for the reply. I just got my keypad and want to use it for alarm AND z-wave pin access to any of my stuff (door lock, garage door, lights, routines). It is impossible to find just a z-wave keypad.

Can the ENTER key (Check) be used as a button entry to capture a PIN entry without pressing one of the action button keys?

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Hello i am using your driver but the system does not disarm when i enter the code i set in settings

Hi all,

Is anyone working on a driver for the similar zigbee keypads like the old Iris/Centralite one many of us purchased? Rboy doesn’t seem to be doing anything with it and is less than responsive when asked.

Or should I just bite the bullet and update to the Ring v2?

Question about how this keypad driver operates:
I don’t use STHM (at least not now), so I need the keypad to register as a trigger for routines. That is, when the proper code is entered and DISARM is then pressed, execute a series of actions, for example. Will this driver allow that?


If its a Zigbee device you have (sorry, dont know much about these devices) then you may be better to post here requesting a driver once you have searched the Wiki at the top of the post to ensure there is not a driver already available (and havn’t done this already).

With regards to this keypad, its all based on routines so you control what it does when you press arm/disarm and with the arm/disarm buttons, you just setup the routines from within the device itself.

Thinking forward, if you do go down the Ring route, you might want to install the driver manually, at least that way, you would be able to make code changes to get it functioning how you need it (if your that way inclined :wink: )

Finally, and I cant explain why as im on Android, but some users have said they get a restricted gui on IoS, its all discussed above and just something to watch.

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Hello hmotsti,
I’m about to receive one of this Ring Keypad and I wonder if the doorbell can be executed throughout: a Scene Switch, only video ring doorbell, etc…
Thanks in advance and congratulation for this usefull edge driver.

If you are referring to the doorbell chime, I use this via a routine when a contact sensor is opened so as long as you can execute a routine with your doorbell, you should be good to go.

Here’s how I implemented delays. I created a virtual switch ExitDelay that I used for delayed arming of the STHM.

There’s “On arming (away)” routine with a precondition STHM mode being Disarmed and a condition ‘keypad armAway button pressed’. The actions are to start the keypad exit delay countdown and to turn on ExitDelay virtual switch and turn it off after 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Then there’s another routine that gets triggered with a precondition STHM mode being Disarmed and a condition ‘ExitDelay switch on for 1 minute’. It sets STHM mode to Armed away.

Finally, there’s Reentry routine with preconditions of STHM mode being Disarmed and ExitDelay switch being on and a condition ‘keypad’s disarmAll button pressed’. This routine sets ExitDelay switch to off and sets the keypad security mode to Disarmed (to cancel the keypad countdown sequence).

Essentially, I’m using the switch as the countdown that starts once the switch is on and by turning it off I’m cancelling the countdown.

I’m also using two other virtual switches (one for the house doors and another one for the attached garage roll up door) to trigger two virtual contact sensors after a certain delay (1 minute for the house doors and 3 minutes for the garage door) and I don’t use built-in Response delay option in the STHM.

The idea is the same - triggering of an actual physical door sensor when in armed away mode starts the countdown by turning on a virtual switch and when the switch has been on for 1 (3 for the garage) minute and the mode is still armed away a virtual contact sensor is triggered to immediately alert the STHM. Disarming the STHM cancels the countdown by turning off both virtual switches.


OK, understood.
Thanks a lot

Hi, somewhat of a novice here, and looking for some help pairing the keypad and then associating the driver with it. So far I have maanged to install the driver, and pair the device using the QR code on the rear. It is showing as a Z-wave Swtich. When I then attempt to “Select a different driver” from the app im greeted with a “No results found” message. Any help wold be greatly appreciated!

I’d try excluding it and reincluding. It doesn’t sound like it paired correctly.

Ok so ive given that a go. A few things to note:

(1) When adding the device is automatically named “Z-wave Device 1”. Does that reflect what others have seen?
(2) I also get a message stating “Not using high security” - your device has been connected, but it isnt using the highest level of security. For more security, exlclude the device and try adding again.
(3) Same issue with not being able to view the new edge driver


If you pair it as described in this post: [RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler (do not try anything else from this post)

Then it should be added as a Ring Keypad or similar, the driver will also get assigned to it assuming you have it installed correctly. You should not have to do much more other than set it up and there is a tutorial for that by @Buds_Smart_Home a few posts back up from here.

Make note of the iPhone comments from others also if you use one, some report they cannot see all settings.

Hope this helps.


Appreciate the response. Finally managed to get it to pair, through a combination of several unit resets, a change of power cable, and having the unit directly ontop of the hub. Paired in seconds vs the minutes it was taking previously to not pair correctly!


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Hello, do I need the base station for the keypad to work with Smartthings? I am interested in this.

No, the keypad connects directly to the ST hub, just make sure you have the driver installed prior to pairing.


So to clarify do i need to remove my keypad from my ring set up and pair it to ST seperately? I have the base station in my Ring set up.

Or will this driver allow ST to discover my current one without changing it?

You mention that it synchronises with STHM without automation so if i manually set my alarm as I leave my house it will set STHM also and visa versa when disarmed?

At the moment i have a clunky mix of IFTTT and Amazon automations but i want it making simpler