[ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco Z-Wave Motion Switches and Dimmers - 24770, 26931, 26932, 26933

Hi Phil -

Thanks for adding the button capability.

Unfortunately, there is some issue in the SmartLighting SmartApp that doesn’t allow the Button to be a trigger. When I select Button as the trigger and select the motion dimmer/switch, it goes to a blank dialog where I can only save the SmartLighing routine. If try to edit the routine, it just says “Oops, something is wrong”. Not sure how to go about figuring out what is wrong.

The other thing I don’t understand is why a button event would be triggered when motion turns on/off the switch. With it working that way, you can’t have distinct actions for motion separate from button since motion will trigger a button event. My whole goal is to be able to trigger one behavior for motion(turn on at 1%) and a different behavior for button (turn on at 100%) during the same time interval (night to sunrise).

I know they’ve now said that they’re migrating SmartLighting for us, but it’s a Groovy smartapp and I don’t think it’s been updated to use the new model for the button capability. The button works fine in Routines.

The device doesn’t support button events. The hacky workaround is that it will turn on/off other devices through Association when it’s physically toggled (meaning either a button push or the device being in a mode where it turns itself on/off based on motion). The driver adds the hub to the Association group so that it gets those commands from the device, but it still doesn’t know whether the button was actually pressed or the device decided to turn itself on based on motion.

Set your switch to either Manual or Vacancy. Now any “toggled up” button event is a physical button push. The motion sensor will still create events that you can use in a routine to set the dimmer level to 1%.

I keep my all my switches in either manual or vacancy, so that’s good to know about the toggled up event. I’ll play around with routines to see how they work vs SmartLighting. The biggest problem with routines right now is you can’t have a time period using a specific time and either sunrise or sunset. So, for example, I have my motion trigger the light to come on at 1% between 10:00pm and Sunrise in SmartLighting. Can’t do that in routines yets. However, I did read something recently about using SmartLighting to turn on virtual switches and using those as triggers in routines, so perhaps there is some hope in the short term :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I’d like to request drivers for the GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor 34193 with configuration options if possible. Apparently the fingerprint is included in the stock ST zwave-sensor driver, but with no config options.

The device has 3 config options that I’m aware of:
Motion Sensitivity
Motion Timeout Duration
Enable Flash Indicator

the most important (to me) being the “Motion Timeout Duration” setting.

The timeout currently defaults to 4 minutes which is way too long for “cool down” period but unfortunately can’t be changed with the existing stock Edge driver.


For the GE Z-Wave Motion Switch/Dimmer driver, would it be possible to specify a time length for how long after the off button is pressed that the device should ignore motion? The default is so short that often the closing of a door triggers the lights back on.

I used to do this by temporarily changing the operation mode from occupancy to manual and then back when WebCore was a thing. Unfortunately the SmartThings app will only allow me to specify one change to the operation mode within a single routine. As such I would have to create a dummy switch for every Motion Switch/Dimmer that allows me to adjust the operation mode back to occupancy with a routine, and that is not very elegant.


Hey @philh30. I was in the process of removing all my switches to re-add them with the Edge drivers and found a fingerprint for one of the GE dimmers that wasn’t in the driver. i added it and submitted the proposed change, i hope this is the way the community runs, if not, please let me know. I am a software developer by trade and eager to learn my way around Edge drivers, Rules, etc… very different than that of my day job, but its just a matter of learning the syntax and structures. :slight_smile:

i am interested in learning, so please let me know if there is anything i can do or the best place to go and get up to speed.

Morning @philh30, thank you for coming up with this driver. I have two of the 26931 switches, and I’ve updated one to your driver.

I’m hesitating on the second one - I have it currently in a webcore routine that changes the switch from occupancy to manual between the hours of 8pm and 6am, and back to occupancy again from 6am to 8pm.

What’s keeping me from updating is I’m not sure how to accomplish this with the new driver and/or routines in Smartthings. Anyone know?

Nevermind, figured it out! Set to manual and then build routine to use motion to turn on/off between 6-8.

In the old DTH for these devices, there was an ability to set the default Dim level. I don’t see that option in the Edge driver. Is that something that can be implemented or am I missing how it can be done in the new driver?

Default Level

This command is exclusive to the GE Z-Wave Motion Sensor Dimmer Switch and it allows you to programmatically define the level of the switch when it turns on. This is useful to 'reset' the switch to a default level when it is turned off in case it was set lower the last time it was used. If you change this to number and it differs than how you have it set within the device's settings area, a small "!!" will appear in your dashboard to indicate this.


Default dim was moved from the settings menu to the detail view a while back, and is also available to be set through routines:

Well, duh…guess I missed that :-/

I see you found a solution, but you can set this up the same way as you were doing with webcore. Operation Mode is available to Routines, so just set one routine to change to Manual at 8pm and a second to change to Occupancy at 6am.

I am trying to add motion switches but upon addition they keep getting added as non-edge devices. I understand that ZW4006 is added, but the number of the switch is 2122B - Does that make a difference?

My apologies - My first time trying to add such a device. @philh30 - Thank you so much for your work.


P.S. - The edge drivers are downloaded on my hub.

Once it’s added, use the API Browser+ from @TAustin to check the fingerprint of the device. From there, you can check @philh30 driver fingerprints here to see if your device is included.

That’s the date code. It think it translates to being manufactured in 22nd week of 2021.

Do you have any custom DTHs installed? I think those are still pulling devices away from edge during inclusion.

If it’s on a DTH, you can check the raw description at ide.smartthings.com to see if it has a different fingerprint.

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That might be true. Here is what I have in the Raw description

Raw Description zw:L type:1001 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:5.39 zwv:4.54 lib:03 cc:5E,72,5A,73,27,25,2B,2C,70,86,71,60,8E,85,59,7A,56 epc:2

Your device is not registering its fingerprint properly as it’s all zeros. You’ll need to exclude the device and factory reset it then re-add it.


Thank you- That worked. :slight_smile:

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I have not yet been brave enough to switch from my existing custom DH to this EDGE driver. Like a lot of us, I use Alexa for voice control for all of my ST devices.

After I make the switch to EDGE will I be able to use voice control to switch the mode back and forth between Manual and Motion triggers? Right now it drives me crazy when the lights turn off while I’m working on something without moving (especially if I’m doing something like slicing food with a sharp knife.)

So, you’re saying you want to switch from Occupancy or Vacancy mode to Manual mode via voice? How are you doing that today via Alexa?

You can definitely set operation mode with this driver, but that doesn’t seem to be exposed to Alexa.

That being said, you could create a virtual device in ST that you turn on/off with voice commands in Alexa. Then have ST Routines that switch between modes depending on the state of the virtual switch.

As far as I know there is no voice command to have Alexa change the mode, so currently I am not able to do this.

Are you suggesting that if I create a virtual switch then I could set the mode on the motion switch?