[ST Edge] Bond Bridge LAN [BETA]

Not sure if related, but have a new install that isn’t finding any devices. I connect, and can change the light. After battling it for a while i installed the service and that got me going but would of course prefer to be edge.

Its fireplace / somfy blinds implementation with 3 Smart things hubs on the account and soon to be two bond hubs if that makes me an interesting test case.

Looks like its chatting…

2023-03-07T15:18:50.470973384+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN PING
2023-03-07T15:18:50.515673384+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN Sandwell Bond Bridge device thread event handled
2023-03-07T15:18:50.733258717+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN RECEIVE {“B”:“ZZFG30480”,“d”:0,“v”:“v3.8.4”}
<Device: 04f6142f-7d24-44ec-redact (Sandwell Bond Bridge)>
2023-03-07T15:18:50.947755051+00:00 DEBUG Bond Bridge LAN GET 200 (HTTP/1.1 200 OK)

Hmm… Since I had logging up I figured I’d try discovery again… and send back the logs. Turns out I got a log of a lot of devices being created, and I’m now working. Please ignore the earlier e-mail.

Thank you it is blindingly fast too :smiley:

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Hi there, thank you for creating the edge drivers for us. I ran into a small problem. I had the fans running via link in SmartThings and now installed the edge driver. The fans are listed in Bond app, they show up when linked via Bond Automation. However, when I link the bridge, it doesn’t show up
The only thing that shows up is the bridge and even it doesn’t have a token. I added the local token fromy app and the bridge is up and I can change the brightness of blue lights. However, I don’t see any fans included. I searched for Fan and only have my 2 buttons named fan. What am I possibly doing wrong here? I tried to read the bridge 5 times, always must input local token manually and never get the fans. I search inST immediately after I reboot the bond Bridge,it gets blue lights and all.

You don’t want to input the token unless there is an issue with auto pairing. If you want to DM me the logs of running discovery, that should tell me what I need to help you out.

Thank you so much for response. I’m a total noob on this forum, don’t know how to DM. Tried to look around but can’t figure this out. Also, how do I gather logs? Do you mean logs from ST? Or some other logs? Thanks for helping.

Bond Bridge 2023-03-

  • Migrated driver to an updated REST client
  • Handled reconnection if bond and ST hub reboot simultaneously
  • Handled reconnection if bond starts up before network router is available
  • Cleanup to minimize REST calls to the Bond
  • Reduced driver size and minimized number of open sockets

Basically just looked to cleanup the driver and make it as efficient as possible. Also addressed use cases for power outages, reboots and IP reassignments.


The dimmer function does not respond properly after updating. Have restarted both hub and bond bridge. While you can raise the level to 100%, it does nothing when you move it to 0. You can take it to a lower level… only you are not able to turn off the light by moving to 0… it stays at the previous level.

If level is 100, you move the slider to 0… it reflects 0 on the slider but level is 100.

If level is 100, you move to 20… if reflects 20 and level adjusts to 20. If you move it to 0 from there, slider shows 0 but level on bridge stays at 20.

Couple of other oddities… the first time you open the bond bridge in the ST app… if the dimmer is at 0 and you slide it to 100… it pops back to 0. But the bond bridge does go up to 100.

If you have set a level other than 0, close bond and open it again, the level drops back to 0 but the bond bridge still shows the previous level that was set.

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Ok. Sounds like there are few issues at 0 brightness. I’ll take a look there. Thanks

I think these behaviors are expected and are the result of the min level allowed by ST vs Bond. ST will allow 0 brightness, while Bond will only allow 1 as the min. Moving to 0 in the ST app should shut the light off, but will not change the brightness in the Bond app. If you turn the light back on, it should go to the previous brightness. Based on this, here is what I see in your notes:

I would expect to see 0 and OFF in ST. I would expect to see 100 and OFF in Bond.

Both apps should show 20 and ON

I would expect to see 0 and OFF in ST. I would expect to see 20 and OFF in Bond.

I can confirm this is an issue and will fix this. I would also note that the Bond doesn’t broadcast changes to ring brightness if changed outside of the ST app, but I will fix it for the case of changing it in the ST app.

Let me know if your device follows the above behaviors. Thanks.

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Bond Bridge 2023-03-

  • Fixed event update for blue light ring on the Bond bridge
  • More cleanup of child device interfaces

Bond Bridge 2023-03-

  • Fixed bug when setting fireplace to dim level 0
  • Updated all devices presentations to the newest format

FYI for Somfy blind users. Bond just put out this notice about a bug in their firmware.

For any users of BD-1000 (Bond Bridge): Please be advised we have found a serious problem in firmware v3.12.6 (released yesterday) which causes intermittent control of RF devices, especially Somfy and Rollease shade motors. We urge you to update your Bridge to v3.12.7 to avoid inconvenience of control problems.


Thanks for your continued work on this - I have a suggestion/question that might prove to be useful for others as well. I have a couple of devices added into Bond just as recording the remote commands - in this case, an IR controlled LED light strip. I’m able to successfully control it, but had to add it as a FAN, with the fan speeds representing colors (low is red, medium is blue, high is white), because when adding it as a light Bond only allows you to record On/Off/Toggle buttons.

This works, but it would be great if there was a way to change the ST device interface to show it as something else, like the LED strip, ignoring what Bond thinks it is.

What if you create a custom device in Bond and record individual commands? I created a custom fireplace in my setup by doing this. I created a device without using a template and just recorded every command I wanted. Can you do that with a light?

Just saw this. Thanks @blueyetisoftware

I won’t be able to get to this until the weekend, but everything should operate fine until then, yeah?

I honestly don’t know. I just watch the Bond announcements and saw the notice about Somfy. I think it just requires the the in-app update to resolve itself.

I’m at my wits end! So about a week ago the devices in my Bond Bridge started showing offline in the SmartThings app. Any routines associated with the Bond devices continued to work fine, but you could not trigger any actions via the device directly, and Google Home app was showing them as offline so you could not give verbal commands.

Got tired of this so i thought i would delete everything incuding the driver. When I reinstall the driver in will find the bridge and devices, but all are non functioning with the message “This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later”.

I have tried waiting… deleting everthing and reinstalling, rebooting the Bond Bridge, rebooting the Smartings Hub, and every combination of the proceeding that i could think of. Unfortunately i continue to fail miserably. Any ideas?

reboot your router? :slight_smile:

Did that too… just forgot to add that to my attempts. Maybe it is the sequence of these attempts? Hell I don’t know…

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I had a couple of instances in the past couple of weeks where my Bond devices have gone offline in the ST app. I found, controlling them once in the Bond app would get them to return to online in the ST app. Perhaps it was luck on my part!

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