[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

So, in my experience they go offline for two reasons: 1. old battery - when I changed the battery the old still showed 3V+ but it must be struggling under the load; 2. the Zigbee channel became crowded - I saw this coincide exactly with when my upstairs neighbor deployed a powerful WiFi repeater that overlapped the Zigbee channel I was using (you can install WiFi analyzer that will show you channel usage). One solution in that case is to switch the channel (if it’s still possible in IDE) or, like what I did, install a new battery - it will be able to overpower the interference but will get exhausted faster.

I just got a couple of Aqara vibration sensors and they are picked up nicely by this driver. Only thing is…I cannot set the sensitivity level. Is this something that needs to be added or am I missing something?

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The answer is at the top of the thread, please read the overview.

Thanks @NickA ! I see now that setting te sensitivity is not supported by this driver. I wonder why though?

Hi Sergei - Thank you so much for your insight; while I think the battery is fine I’m happy to switch it out. Do you have any thoughts on what channel I should try, it looks like it’s using 15 at the moment (so from the IDE I see this:)


You may want to study the WiFi landscape around you. Install the WiFi analyser and look where your sensor is located. Then reference https://community.smartthings.com/t/faq-networking-and-reducing-channel-interference-between-wifi-and-zigbee/40159 to minimize the overlap.

Thank you Sergei, I’ll take a look when I get a moment and report back.

Will this driver allow me to connect the temperature sensor directly to the hub without having to go through the Tuya app?

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I finally managed to install this driver but still cannot see my temperature sensor. What am I doing wrong. It says powered by Tuya and I am able to connect it to the Tuya app. However, I am not able to see it in ST. It does not show when I try to find the device directly in ST and it does not show when I try to connect it through the Tuya integration.

Could it be that this model is not supported?

While there has been a Tuya - SmartThings integration for over 2 years many devices do not work with the integration. For the most part sensors (temperature, motion, water, contact, etc) do not work with this integration.

To check open the device tile in Tuya, click on pencil or 3 dots in upper right corner, look for 3rd party control on this page. You will see Alexa and Google listed for most devices and if you are lucky you will see SmartThings. If SmartThings is NOT listed or the 3rd party section is missing there is NO SmartThings integration for that device.

The WiFi temperature sensor you show has a ZigBee equivalent that works directly with SmartThings. Of course you would need a SmartThings hub since it’s ZigBee.


As always, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“

Edge drivers are for hub-connected devices. This typically means zwave, Zigbee, or thread devices.

Most Wi-Fi devices are cloud connected, not hub connected – – you can use them with smartthings whether you have a hub or not, but because they are not talking to the hub, they don’t use edge drivers.

There are a few exceptions which connect via the local LAN, but no tuya WiFi sensors that I know of.

This may change in the future if the device is updated to have matter support, since those will mostly be able to connect locally to a hub and will use an edge driver for matter. But we aren’t there yet.

And the edge driver under discussion in this particular thread is only for Zigbee devices. Not Wi-Fi devices.


For frame of reference adding this item. I tested with these two device convertors to use this device ( _TZE200_dwcarsat ).



If there is a github for this edge driver I would be happy to make a pull request for it

Just to follow up, I moved my 2.4GHz router to channel 11 and the SmartThings hub to channel 11 (via the IDE), as strange as it seems this puts both devices a long way a way from each other on the spectrum and helps avoid interference. I dropped the old sensor so ended up having to purchase a replacement which connected quickly and has been connected ever since… I also purchased another Aqara motion sensor for the house and that’s also been behaving! Thanks for the advice Sergei :-).

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Anyone can guide me on how to pair the Aqara Vibration Sensor?

A fingerprint from the IDE:


  • application: 02
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: LUMI
  • model: lumi.sens
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE
    Raw Description 01 0104 5F01 01 05 0000 0003 0019 FFFF 0012 07 0000 0004 0003 0005 0019 FFFF 0012

Can this device be added @ygerlovin ?

Hi @ygerlovin! Can you please add these two devices? The first one is the Tuya Smart Zigbee Button Wireless Switch.

The second device is MOES Tuya ZigBee Smart Window Door Gate Sensor Detector.


I will be very grateful for your help.
Of course if possible.

I asked Yagerlovin for this months ago…nothing but @w35l3y has it working perfectly with this driver, including pm2.5… [ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

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This driver below should handle with EF00 cluster…


This is the current list, not limited to:

This driver will also try to handle unknown devices for similarity with other predefined devices.
Also, if it doesn’t match anything, it will let users to map the datapoints according to their own searches.


I introduced your driver to the largest iot forum in Korea.
This driver is said to work well for Tuya products without edge drivers.
That’s why we call this driver “the all-around/DIY edge driver.”
So I’m especially grateful to you.


Hello Joey
Is this driver working ok for you for _TZE204_ztc6ggyl?
Like all cappatibilites? presence, sensitivity, set delay, set range, illuminance.
Or is usage more limited than when added via Tuya app? :slight_smile:
I’d like to use Target distance variable as trigger.