[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

I apologise for not getting back to you sooner, but I haven’t had time to touch any of this yet, however I want to send you a big thank you, as I’ve followed the above, somehow it took me 4 full attempts, every now and then I got two flashes so I stopped, but I’ve realised to ignore that and eventually I saw the long flash and I’ve now got a working door sensor, so thank you again!

I have 3 Xiaomi temperatur/ humidity sensors type WSDCGQ01LM. Have you considered adding support for these?
There is a set of functioning bspranger DTH drivers…

Update: found an Edge driver here: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
But it doesn’t always capture the device link message, which result in a “thing” instead of the real device.

The bspranger code which works, can this be used in an update @ygerlovin ?:

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Yess. That would be great!

I had no issues getting the WSDCGQ11LM registered to Smartthings via the Xiaomi Temperature Edge Driver. Are you just having issues getting it to register or is their functionality missing from the Bspranger DTH which I previously ran before the move to Edge.

One of my Aqara contact sensor stopped working. It stays closed even if its open. I deleted it and add it a few times over but the problem stays. I’ve another contact sensor which is just working fine. What could this be?


Got a couple of P1’s hooked up Smartthings.

They work quite well, but would like to try changing the Sensor Detection Sensitivity. However, each time I try and set it to high. It spins for a while, and get the following message:-

‘A network or server error occurred. Try again later’

Using driver version 1.8.14. Any idea what could be breaking it? Curious if its meant to work.



Having problem connecting the aqara WSDCGQ11LM (3 new units), have not been connected to my hub before.
Im new as many here to the edge driver.
I did following
Did vist Yakov’s SmartThings Edge Drivers (Beta)
Installed Only
Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver [YG] 1.8.14

Do i need to install something else aswell?
Own Xiaomi motion sensors + Xiaomi button since before. (They are working fine), before and after edge driver.
To be honest im not 100% sure that im on edge driver. When i vist the driver section in my v3 hub it says driver installed (Shows the edge driver YG 1.8.14 installed)

Yes, I had to install Zigbee Thing [YG] v1.0.2 as well. Not sure why

@takenit2far ,

Did you have a chance to look at
" Notes on configuring sleepy devices" in the top post?

My devices WSDCGQ01LM do not register with the YG edge driver. But they do work - sometimes partly - with this: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

Can you please add a fingerprint for (Aqara RTCGQ12LM)?

Device Site Address:

Try using the Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver (YG) 1.8.14.

Thank you for making a good driver.
I am using RH3052 (temperature and humidity sensor) but the manufacturer: TUYATEC-q4lh9j7u is not added.

Please add the fingerprint: TUYATEC-q4lh9j7u/RH3052

I am able to change the sensitivity of the aqara p1 motion sensor but am not able to change the detection interval have tried changing drivers resetting the device and hub also pressing the button so it doesnt fall asleep nothing is working

I’m new to this, too … I think the sensors driver only recognizes the sensors listed in the first post, not everything Xiaomi makes. For me, it could only recognize the MCCGQ11LM (magnet sensor). My WSDCQQ11LM (Temperature, humidity, air pressure, aka weather sensor) only shows up as a Zigbee thing. The same for my SJCGQ11LM (water leak sensor), also only shows up as a Zigbee Thing. I’m not sure if this means we have to wait for the developer to add them, or wether to use another channel for drivers from another developer.

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo @ygerlovin any chance you can add _TZ2000_hjsgdkfl/TS0201 to the same driver?
It basically looks like the same device but by Blitzwolf

Hi @mikibe

Added to this driver version

Name Zigbee Temp Humidity Sensor Mc
Version 2022-10-08T16:25:29.857846527

  • id: “Tuya/_TZ2000_hjsgdkfl”
    deviceLabel: Tuya TS0201
    manufacturer: _TZ2000_hjsgdkfl
    model: TS0201
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-battery

Works great, thank you so much!

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@Benjamin1 ,

Please provide the logs that capture parameter change attempt.

It showed as a Zigbee thing for me too Only Once. When i add it, it did not show any reading or values or any functions/usage. So i erased it.
Sadly i have now the drivers below and still cant find my WSDCGQ11LM