ST Disarm multiple notifications

I’ve been using Smart Things pretty seamless for the last few months. Recently about the past week or more every time I disarm the alarm with smart things it send me repeated notification for about 2-3 minutes. I don’t want to turn off notifications entirely, has anyone experienced this before or know of a way to resolve it? It just randomly started happening on both mine and my partners phone. The picture is after about 5 seconds and I’d want to smash my phone off a wall!

There are two different things that changed recently that could cause this, so start by taking a look at the following thread:

Outage Affecting STHM and some automations (19 Jan 2021)

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there have been a few users experiencing this issue…

i remember one other post but can’t find it.

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Ah okay, good to know it’s not just for me! I’ll take a read through the thread. Thanks for sharing.

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Great thanks, will have a look at this

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I fixed my notification problem. I deleted all of my alarm automations and reinstalled fixed my problem. I now only get one notification when armed and disarmed.