ST Disabled All Automations

I came home to find all of my automations were not working. I looked in the automations tab, and every single one had been disabled. I assume this is due to some sort of upgrade or glitch in a recent update. Curious if others see this as well.

@nayelyz Are you aware of any issues reported by the ST team?

ST has been migrating devices from the legacy Groovy based Device Type Handlers (DTH) to the new architecture Lua based Edge drivers (that run locally on your hub). Most recently, they have been migrating devices using custom DTHs to either a stock Edge driver or, if already installed on your hub, a community developed Edge driver. If your device was using a custom DTH, it may have been migrated to a stock Edge driver that didn’t have the same capabilities as the DTH. Another possibility is that your device may not have been matched to any specific Edge driver and assigned to a Z-Wave or Zigbee Thing driver. Any of these are potential reasons for your Routines to be disabled.

In my case, all of the automations were already local and using edge. I don’t have an explanation yet, but it’s a good reminder of what happens when everything shuts off.


Hi @blueyetisoftware, Do you recently change or updated the edge drivers on the devices with these automations? :thinking:

for example, if you updated a driver and this driver doesn’t have the same capabilities as the previous version, the automations linked with this device will be disabled

I have not changed the drivers, but updated them. I frequently install updated drivers as I develop them, but the driver key and capabilities are the same. It also disabled automations involving devices that were not updated. It was literally every automation.

mmm, do you still have disabled automation?, if you have one we can investigate it and if you remember the date/time when it happened it can help us.

I re-enabled all of them a couple days ago. They have stayed enabled.

@blueyetisoftware In this case, because is complicated to reproduce we will be attentive if another user reported a similar problem, or if one of your automations will be disabled again please let me know.

Same thing happened to me, realized today all automations were disabled as well as smart lighting.
Also noticed both of my phones used for presence were missing from the automations controlling my home and away scenes.

All automation disabled for me too , don’t know when it happen .
I will keep a eye on it .

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My smart lighting smartapp has been d8sabled, when i try and enable it, it enables it but says network error and won’t load the routines

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