ST-compatible RGBW LED Strip Controller Reviews (2023)

That one is PRO too. That would be my next purchase.
I have a couple of this one

with this remote

Kids love remotes, and even if Internet and Hub is down, as long as you have power, they work.

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Each remote can control 6 different controllers, plus they have some other functions

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A little off-topic for here, but… Is there any way to “gang” or group multiple GLEDOPTO units together so they are controlled as one? For example, in one big room I expect to use 2 Pro controllers because the strip is going to be longer than 32ft (yes, I know about the in-line repeater/power injectors, it’s just not in a good place to mount in the middle of the molding holding the strips) . I’d hate to have to adjust each half of the room independently.

Yes, in couple ways.

  • With SmartThings’ Smart Lightning app, using mirror function, but that might go away.
  • With that RF remote, you can program it to control multiple lights with one set of buttons, or individually.
  • creating Scenes
  • creating Routines (Automations)
  • or creating Lightning Groups, but they limited capabilities

32ft is no issues to run on one controller, without voltage drop.
I have 54ft run on one controller. With 12v strips there was little voltage drop, but 24v strips solved that issue. You need to have matching power supply.

Cool, I was planning to use 24V strips. Do you have a favorite RGBCCT RGB+WWCW strip?

How heavy a PSU did you need for 54ft? Is the controller “comfortably” warm?

I got it on ebay. It was one of those kits with options to choose voltage and controllers. I can’t find seller that i bought kit from. It came from China, within 2 to 3 weeks. Just search for Gledopto Zigbee 3.0.

Controller is stuck with Velcro tape to the ceiling in the closets. Power supplies are above the ceilings, in the attic. During summer they were normal, surrounding temperature. Led strips comes out of the closets, goes around the rooms and ends in the closets. No issues with strip bending inside the corners and on outside corners. I was just, somehow lucky not to end with any of leds on actual corner :grinning:
Strips are non-waterproof RGBCCT, not Gledopto brand

I did mix and match Gledopto controller with other brand Led strips and power supply

What brand is that strip in your order screen-shot? It doesn’t say. Looks like it’s 5-pin Warm White only. Does the driver still leverage the RGB LEDs to color tune the White? Will the GLEDOPTO drive the single white with the RGB LEDs together as one (and not split RGB and CCT as it does on the 6-pin strips)?

It is 6 pin RGBCCT for sure (white, yellow, green, red, blue, and black). Anyway driver works with RGBCCT, RGBW, RGB, CCT and just Level capabilities.
Like I said I can’t find seller that I bought LED strip from, but it was similar like one at the photo.
I’ll search on eBay and let you know

Any way to know how a 5 pin strip (RGB + Warm White) would work with the GLEDOPTO? So, your 6 pin strip does the CCT with the 2 white lights. Will a 5 pin strip do the equivalent by balancing a single white LED with the 3 color LEDS?

Not sure about balancing it correctly, since you can buy RGBWW and RGBCW leds. It might work. Currently RGBCCT controller uses RGB or CCT, but not both at the same time. RGBW controller does use all 4 channels at te same time.

If you want different strip options with single controller you might want to go with that new version that you have considered, where you have to preselect strip type.

Someone needs to be first one to try, and report if it’s working. As all other Gledopto Zigbee 3.0 controllers work with SmartThings, I don’t see a big issue with creating/adopting Edge driver for it.
I know that will be my next controller.
This is how that one can be setup

I’d venture a guess that is may not be so simple – since the device can take on the personality of 5 different units, depending upon its Mode. I personally know zilch about Edge drivers and if you have a way of forcing a device handler like we do in IDE – if it all has to be auto-discovered, it might be a problem if they didn’t have the device itself masquerade its identifier, or expose the mode setting… feels complicated, potentially.

If device can be discovered as Thing by Smartthings, and provide fingerprint, some devs can help with it. @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s driver works with most zigbee Light types. I am pretty sure he could add fingerprints to his driver, and we could test how it works when functionality is set to different Light type. It might need it’s own driver if software switching is possible.
If I remember correctly, by watching introductionary video on yuotube, when device in CCT and Dimmer mode, CCT can have 2 separate controls, and Dimmer has 5 separate controls

I got an answer from GLEDOPTO regarding this device – it changes it’s ID when you change mode:

What happens in SmartThings when you change modes? Do you have to reinstall the driver?


When changing the mode, you need to reconnect it to the gateway, because changing the mode, it becomes a new light.

You’ll be able to use same driver, however you will need to re-add device each time you change the mode.
This would be interesting, as @Mariano_Colmenarejo driver support all modes and applies only capabilities that device has.
I am using same driver for CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGBCCT lights and strips.
You will need to provide device fingerprint to him

Great question, but it doesn’t belong in this thread, which is an FAQ. Please start your own thread in the following section of the forum and make sure you put ( EU) in the topic title and you should get some responses there.

As far as making it simpler, most of the major home automation companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, are working on the “Matter“ initiative which is intended to do just that. Make more things work together more simply. But devices aren’t expected from there until late 2022. If you want to read more about it, see the following thread:

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So I’m just getting into the whole strip lighting.
I’m looking at using this controller. GLEDOPTO Zigbee3.0 LED Contoller WWCW Strip Light Controller Alexa Voice/Hub APP/Remote Control Dimmable Warm White Cold White Tape Light Controller Pro Compatible with Amazon Echo Plus : Tools & Home Improvement”

I noticed it has v+ ww v+ cw.

My question is do I need a 3 pin strip light or 4 pin?

The other thing is the strip lights I have been looking at are 24v so is a specific power supply need?

Single (CCT) 3 pin strip, or two 2 (CW and WW) pin strips

@JDRoberts Thank you for this post. It was impossible to find the up-to-date current information with regards to the new app/ edge platform and light strips but this has done the trick.

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