St-community-installer install problem


I try to install the st-community-installer but run into a problem.
I created the smartapp on IDE and enabled oauth.
I also linked my github account.
When i click on install in the smartthings app it should go to the login page but I get access denied.
No further information, just access denied.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

General Question - Does the community installer even WORK anymore? (tonesto, the developer moved on to an alternate platform last October)

I agree with @jkp in this post: [OBSOLETE] Community SmartApp Installer - #376 by jkp

With Groovy and IDE being shutdown by the end of the year… you may want to pass on installing this app. I would imagine there are not many supported smartapps that are actively being supported… there might be a few still that use to load from CSI. More or less, the developer of CSI may have moved away from ST and thus no support.

Install the individual smartapps/device handlers you need manually at this point.

What did you need from the Community installer?


I want to connect homebridge with my smartthings washer and dryer.

Ah, that is also tonesto’s code and it’s also no longer being maintained:

I personally wouldn’t install it at this point and look for an alternative solution (same reason as previous). BUT be advised that if you install it manually (instructions are at the top of that thread) and get it to work it will also stop working when ST retires the Groovy API. Considering the ST installer and this solution both have about the same difficulty to install, I wouldn’t install a tool to install a smartapp - just install the smartapp but be ACTIVELY looking for the next way to integrate HomeKit.

@JDRoberts I don’t follow HomeKit - what’s on the horizon for the state of the art in connecting ST to HomeKit?

I understand. It is a bit confusing on google all the information. I just wanted to make my washer and dryer work with sir which are samsung machines. Samsung and siri are not the best friend so i thought homebridge could be the solution so yeah, bad luck :wink:

Apple is going all in on Matter. Samsung is going half in. Which means matter-compliant devices will show up in the smartthings app, but smartthings devices will not show up in the HomeKit app (because smartthings hubs are going to be matter “controllers“ but not matter “Bridges.“) or any other matter app.

So whether that’s good or bad depends on the exact use cases. If what you want is to Combine some Smartthings – controlled devices with some matter compliant devices in a smartthings routine, you’ll probably be able to do that.

If you want to combine devices connected to a smartthings hub with HomeKit controlled devices in a HomeKit automation, you will not be able to do that.

At least not until someone creates a new home bridge plug-in for smartthings, and I don’t know how much motivation there will be to do that anymore. It’s just hard to tell.

There has been some discussion of a possibility of going through home assistant, but I don’t know the details. :thinking:

Give the Homebridge SmartThings v2.0 a shot to see if they work in HomeKit as you want. I am currently using that app. But as pointed out, that app will cease to function when groovy is shut down (whenever that may happen). I am one of those who hopes there is a replacement when the time comes.

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You mean through that hubitat thing?

nope, the custom app on smartthings (listed above)

I tried with that but when i install the plugin
npm install -g homebridge-smartthings-v2
And i start it says -cannot find plugin homebridge-smartthings-v2”

in Homebridge, click on Plugins and search for Homebridge Smartthings. install the one for homebridge-smartthings v2.3.8 (2020-08-19)

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