[ST Cloud Connected][URL/URI] Is it possible to insert the authentication key into the address?


Of the cloud connector settings values

Authorization URI(oAuthAuthorizationUrl),
Token URI(oAuthTokenUrl) ,

I wonder if I can put the authentication key in the 3 types of links.

For example:
Authorization URI(oAuthAuthorizationUrl) : https://example.com/login?key=example_key1

Token URI(oAuthTokenUrl) : https://example.com/smartThings/token?key=example_key2

URL(webhookUrl) : https:///example.com/smartThings/webhook?key=example_key3

I wonder if you support the method of inserting the authentication key as a parameter.

Thank you for reading it.

Hi @shk, Can you explain the situation that you are trying to solve?

I want to increase security. As I mentioned above, I would like to put the authentication key as a parameter in url. That’s the way I took an example. I wonder if cloud connectors support this way.

Okay, Will the key be dynamic or static?

It’s static. Also, as I described, I would like to apply it in three places: Authorization URI (oAuthAuthorizationUrl), Token URI (oAuthTokenUrl), and URL (webhookUrl).

Send or receiving keys as query parameters is not supporting,
This is the functionality of the URLs maybe can help to to understand better :
oAuthAuthorizationUrl: is the URL SmartThigs call to partner for the user to login to their account
oAuthTokenUrl:is used by SmartThings to refresh the accessToken to users account
webhookURL: is the URL to partners cloud connector that SmartThings call for all st-schema interactions
if you have more questions, let me know

Thank you for your kind answer. ‘Send or receiving keys as query parameters is not supporting’ This was all I wanted to know. I have no further questions. Thank you again.

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