ST Classic App and ST New App

Hi users
I have been out of the loop for a while. Also I haven’t been getting any updates from this forum.
Is anyone still using ST Classic App? What’s the stable version?
I am currently using Classic and the version is Classic 2.19.1

I got an email from ST about getting ready to make the Switch to the New App. I haven’t heard anything since and now we are in May 2020

Is the NEW App safe to use?
I have NOT updated and my version is
New App 1.7.47-22

Can you Pros quickly get me up to speed?
Thankyou in advance


There’s a lengthy thread here that goes into more details. Long story short, not much has changed and the classic app isn’t going anywhere for a while yet.


@RC51TofuMan have you been offered the banner to switch in the classic app?

Yes, and neither :wink:

It’s safe, but depending upon what devices you have, and if they use any custom device handlers, your experiences will not be the same as you’ve had with Classic. That is the most current release, so you’re good there.

Unfortunately there’s really nothing quick because this has been going on for 2 years! Take a look at that discussion @iridris linked you to.

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there has been change. There has been progress with Automations. There are many new integrations available through the new app. recently the amazon and google connections have been updated.

Let’s not forget, they are starting to remove some items from the Classic app… routines for example if you are new or happen to remove your current ones. Many stock smartapps have been removed from marketplace in the classic app.



Thankyou Everyone
I support this forum bigtime. Without you Pros…ST would be short-lived

I currently have V2 hub/backup battery. I signed On with ST since V1 hub
I haven’t had the urge to get the WiFi ST hub
I love ST and the capabilities I’ve read
I currently have
3 smart locks
2 smart switches (patio lights and front door light)
1 outdoor switch for backyard lights
1 heavy duty switch for backyard 4 water pumps for rock fountain

I have plans to expand …i just don’t have the time. I kept everything Zwave so far

I am ditching my Protection 1/ADT alarm soon. I bought myself the Ring Alarm.
I already had the stickup cams setup for a while and was paying for the service 9 bucks a month. I didn’t realize it came with monitoring if I had the ring alarm too.

It sucks that there is no integration available…for Ring and ST

I assume as time goes on…alot of these Hub competitors will be made obsolete leaving…whoever stands out in the end.

My money is on ST…and want to keep it going with ST

No I have not been offered a ribbon…

Thankyou for the response. …

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