ST Cam adds ST Home Monitor, How do I uninstall Home Monitor and get Cam to work properly

I’ve installed my first ST Cam and installed the V3 Smartthings App on my phone. When I went to set up the Cam for Motion Detection and Recording, I was presented with an option to install ST Home Monitor or I could click the “later” button. However, when I click the later button, the screen refreshes and won’t move forward with the Cam installation until I install Home Monitor.

I don’t think I want Home Monitor installed as the ST App V3 will do basically what I want: I want the camera to be either in “Armed Stay” or “Armed Away,” in either mode, when motion is detected, I want the camera to start recording for 30 seconds and notify me that there is motion at the camera.

So far, I have the proper Automation to do this in both Home Monitor and the Smartthings App, under automation, I have two listed the Cam automation and the Home Monitor automation. I just want one, the best one, to do this job.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks!

For the automations you’re describing, you will need Smart Home Monitor. Stay & Arm are only available there. Additionally you will not have an option for a 30 second clip. Only 1 minute [with paid subscription after 30 day trial or 10 seconds with free plan].

What you are saying is different than what I’m being told by Samsung. I should be able to use JUST TS to record clips and notify me using an automation each and every time the sensor is tripped. I don’t necessarily need the “Stay” and “Away” functions at all.

I’ve tried uninstalling the TS app and reinstalling it. Deleting the Cache and uninstalling it. Deleting the Data and uninstalling it. None of this got rid of the settings let alone the TS Home monitoring. It was pre-installed every time after the first time where I was given an option to install Home Monitoring now or wait until “later.”

And as to the rates, the App quotes greater seconds than 10 for the free plan.

Have you tried removing SmartThings Home Monitor now that the cam is setup and you have the custom automation created?

I’m saying it because i have 2 Smartthing Cameras that i currently use. The classic app indeed offers a 30 second option - IT DOES NOT WORK. The free plan is for 10-seconds.

My automations work, so i was simply trying to help you setup yours. But since you know more than i do, keep banging your head against that brick wall, until you realize that what you are currently doing will never work. Best of luck with that :joy::joy::joy:

Thank you TxGirl, I really don’t care how many seconds, minutes or hours it records, I just want it to record and notify me that, “Hey, there’s someone at the front door!”

I wasn’t aware I was banging my head against the wall, but I didn’t see how your solution helped me and I gave more information on my situation. But maybe I’m wrong, I am disabled after all and it’s your world, I’m just passing through.

There is no option in APPs to remove ST Home Monitor, unless it goes by another name I’m not familiar with.

We’re all blessed to have people like you in the world, it teaches the rest of us great patience :grin:

Smartthings Home Monitor automations are the ONLY way to trigger an recording automation based on “Armed (away)” or “Armed (stay)” unless you were really referring to location modes (away, home, night). Deleting/disabling is not an option in the latest version (at least for me), but you can use it to do exactly what you are seeking. The fact that you don’t want to use it is why can’t get your desired result.

Go to your list of automations and tap the menu at the top and choose delete. Then you can select SmartThings Home Monitor to delete.

TxGjirl, thanks for you patience.

Whether it is “Armed Away or Stay” or “away, home, night” in either case, I want the camera to record a clip and notify me of motion in the defined area.

I have created two Automations, one with the TS app and the other with the app with in the app, Home Monitor neither one performs the way I want. I would use either app if just one of them worked for me.

Thanks, this removes the automation but it doesn’t remove Home Monitoring.

This doesn’t?

It remains on the Home Screen, it isn’t deleted only the automation

Interesting. Y’all the three dots in the upper right, choose edit and un-select it and save.