ST Button Lost Settings

So, I have a ST Button at the front door that I have set on the “Held” setting to turn off about 15 things and announce/confirm “Master off”. I noticed a couple of days ago that it stopped working. I left it alone thinking it was either a dead battery or backend working on something. fast forward to today I took the battery out and was going to replace it, but thought I should try it once more and the green led flashed on the front. at this point i knew that it wasnt the battery and opened up the app to check on the ST Button and everything for it was wiped as like it was just first installed. So, it must have been the backend doing something that caused the setting to get wiped. anyone else experience this with a ST button?


The only thing I’ve seen that similar is this:

OSRAM SYLVANIA 73743 zigbee button stopped working

Some time ago, I noticed that button actions for a WallMote had gone sideways. They had been set with Routines. One of the five disappeared, and the other 4 lost the IF part of the Routine (but they still worked.). Wierd. I just deleted and re-created them.

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yup, sounds like they were doing some backend work and lost some user settings.

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I lost the action settings from every button a couple of weeks ago. They just disappeared overnight Had to redo every one of them.

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oh lord! I have about 25 or so buttons. they are just so damn convient to control things.

everything from panic to lighting to symfonic/sono/music to controlling google/echo speakers to master off. i sure hope they dont all wipe settings.

so far over the last week only that one which happens to be the newest added.

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