ST app quickly gets to be a mess

I am new to ST, only had it a couple of weeks. I only have a couple of light switches and a garage opener. I have also created a few simulated things for testing and learning purposes. But what I have noticed is, the ST app quickly gets cluttered and difficult to manage. I have several routines and modes. Several apps and yet more apps under coRE. So multiple control mechanisms. On top of that I have configurations in Tasker, SharpTools and IFTTT. It is already difficult to know what is doing what and when. I can only imagine that once I have a lot of things, it will be impossible. Any advise how to manage this scrawl? Maybe combine apps, and routines that work on the same things? I understand that Tasker, SharpTools and IFTTT need to be managed in their own way, but I would at least like to get the ST app streamlined. There must be a better way to organize this mess and easily find the source of a problem when it occurs? Any tips to keep it all organized?

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Agree. They need to revamp the UI and allow us more control over how the app lays out the icons and Things.

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  1. In place of various random SmartApps and routines, you may find it is a little better organized to do everything in CoRE, because then at least all rule logic is in the same format.

  2. Ways to “view” the configuration have been hoped for a long time. Customers with complex environments have taken to building elaborate spreadsheets and hand-drawn charts.

  3. For a simplified day-to-day control interface (just viewing status and turning Things on/off/dim…), please consider SmartTiles … though revised version ActionTiles is coming soon. The concept is helpful to many, many people.

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Using CoRE only may be the way to go. But is it better to have one big CoRE routine for specific things, or several smaller ones for specific purposes. For instance, controlling some lights. Would it be better, for the same lights, to have one CoRE routine that handles sunrise/sunset control? One that handles motion sensor control? And another that handles presence sensor control? Or one big Core routine that handles all of that?

I use SmartTiles. I especially want my wife to use that instead of the ST app. But the broken log in situation makes that not feasible. My wife will not get out her phone, log in and press a button. So unless it is automatic, or can be done quickly with a single button, she won’t use it. When SmartTiles is fixed or replaced, I may make an Android tablet available, all the time, for family and guests to use.

I am also getting a Google Home. So that is another control option.

We agree. ActionTiles completely resolves the SmartTiles login issue while remaining secure. We will be so glad to relieve this burden soon.

When will ActionTiles be available?

A good naming convention for your pistons etc. works for me.