ST App question


I’m in the process of researching my needs/wants in an ST system. I plan on integrating Blink and MYQ garage doors using the custom programs mentioned on the boards here. My question is once they are all set up, I have a total of 5 mobile devices to add the ST control app to. When I load the app and log in, will all the custom settings show up, or will it have to be done on each device?

(Mark) #2

All of your settings and customizations live on the ST cloud, so each mobile app installation on your phones is identical; you actually can’t make any changes on one mobile device without everything else automatically updating. Keep that in mind if some of the devices are going to be used by people that you’d rather not give full access to change everything in your setup (like kids or guests).

Also, I don’t have a garage so I don’t know all the details, but I believe there was a myQ garage door integration that stopped working a while ago (because of a decision made by MyQ to block it, I think). So you should double check what the current status is if you plan to integrate yours.

(Mark) #3

BTW, if that actually would be a problem for you, you can use a dashboard smartapp for some devices instead of the native ST app. Check out ActionTiles.

(Chris) #4

MyQ Lite still works fine, just requires a separate contact or tilt sensor if you want to be able to tell if the door is open or closed.