ST app now called a light bulb a "preference"

Why on earth would the ST app change the type of device from a light bulb to a preference? And how can I get this turned back to just being a plain old light bulb?

And what is a preference?

Update: Preference is the name that’s suddenly been given to the device. No, I didn’t rename it. Am renaming it back.

You know, it’s a little hard to get around the app without oddball things happening.

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Which part of which app? Can you show us a screenshot?

It was the name of the device. Not sure how it got renamed.

I did have trouble with all four Cree bulbs today. I would try to turn one on or dim it, and nothing would happen. Same with Alexa. Then, after I cleared cache, everything seemed to work again.

And I have six installations of Gentle Wake Up that failed to install yesterday, and now I can’t get rid of.

There were cloud problems in the US yesterday and the UK today. Status page said it had something to do with database overloads. So maybe that caught you. Your mobile app is just reflecting what your cloud account shows.

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That does make sense. So the data probably got a little corrupted, which is why things were a bit erratic this AM.


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Ulp, never mind. Operator error.