ST app 8500 miles away from home!

(Ron S) #1

Wanted to let you guys know that the ST iOS app is much faster here 8500 miles away from US with no crashes on a Stone Age internet connection… :wink: What gives…in fact it looks like Hue stock app is failing and not ST.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

The amazing fast global amazon CDN vs hosted servers?

Or maybe bad WiFi in your house?


I’m in your house and two hues are still on.

(Todd Wackford) #4


And you’re out of beer. :frowning:

(Ron S) #6

Which ones did you grab? I hope the lux’s! :wink:

(Ron S) #7

If you can call it wifi… Mom & Dad call it hifi and confused like hell. Nights they turn it off else “it will be damaged”. These few incidents back in India is worth it!

(Ron S) #8

Now that I think about it, we keep complaining about lights not getting turned on on schedule and stuff like that… Well… So many miles away from home right now… And seeing the switches and “load shedding” here… guess I will be the last person complaining about lights not being turned on at a schedule, or turning on and off.

Load shedding is a term used here when a city cannot meet the electricity demand and simply shut off power for certain amount of time (ranging from minutes to hours).

Patience is what I am learning here…