ST and security system, dog walker access?

I’m coming over from the soon to be discontinued IRIS system and am struggling with using ST to replace the security system in IRIS. I have both geofencing working to enable and disable SHM through the Classic app and I’ve also figured out how to use the unlock on the Schlage lock to disable the security system as well. These work pretty well.

What do I do though with someone who needs occasional access to the house, like a dog walker or someone else that I don’t want to give the app to? Also, if all cell phones leave the house but there are still others at home, like a baby sitter I don’t want to enable the alarm, this would preclude using geofencing.

I really liked using the keypads with Iris as it made everything so easy.

Which model of the smartthings hub do you have? They do have somewhat different features, particularly with regard to security.

Also which version of the SmartThings app are you using, the classic app or the newer “SmartThings (Samsung connect)” app? Or both?

I have the Smartthings Hub IM6001-V3P01. I am using both apps (unfortunately) as only Classic allows Geofencing and automation of SHM yet the new app allows more button control as well as setup of the new hub. I have SHM on both but am only using it through Classic because of Geofencing. All scenes, devices and automations are through the new app where possible.

It’s really a cool system but I’d never give one to my dad to install…he is 86 though.

We use the dog walker’s lock code to disarm SHM and locking the lock to re-arm when in Away mode. Sounds like you may have this setup for yourself, so doing it for the dog walker may be similar.

For the baby sitter, we have a virtual presence device added and flip it to present when the sitter is there and then add it to our Goodbye routine so the house doesn’t shut down when we leave.

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Thanks Jimmy, installed and enabled the code and will test it when I am out and about later today.

This is such a great community!