ST and Professional Monitoring

The ADT/SmartThings Hub (and so far only that model) Has an optional cellular module that will communicate to the ADT monitoring center. It also has its own battery back up. So it can communicate in more situations than any of the other models.

(Adding a cellular module to the other smartthings model hubs will not cause notifications to go through because they have to touch the SmartThings cloud first, and that’s a closed channel. So you can work around the Internet going out, but not the SmartThings cloud being unavailable.)

I think noon light will be a popular choice With some people, and it’s certainly better than the standard “smart home manager” feature. I just want to make sure that people understand what’s different about the Dual logo model so they are making an informed choice. :sunglasses:

Fair point on CO2. Typing quickly and my mistake.

@heythisisnate might be able to give you more detail (or correct me) since he developed the integration to us but on the ST cloud question - yes, i believe it would need to be up.


Welp…after the better part of the day I got everything setup. 42 devices in total but I haven’t added the smoke, CO detectors, or flood sensors yet. I’m giving the contact sensors a bit to make sure none of them fall off anywhere (had one do so in the garage) before activating the ADT monitoring portion.

I do still need to get a new VLAN setup for the hub. Anyone happen to have a list of required sites and ports it needs to function?