ST and iKEA Myrvarv line bulb are not paired

I am using iphone, ST app & ST station.

I have been trying to pair ST - iKEA tradfri-driver-for-wireless-control - Myrvarv more than 20 times, but still failed.

Other iKEA bulbs are working great, but the Myrvarv is the only one I can pair to ST.

I have already tried new Myvarv and new tradfri-driver-for-wireless-control, but it isn’t still working.

When I hold the paring button on tradfri-driver-for-wireless-control for 5 sec., the Myrvarv blinks and becomes ‘pairing mode’. ST station light keeps changing blue-red-green. But in my ST app, it can’t find the Myrvarv and finally showed errror message.

Anyone can solve this problem?