ST and Harmony Hub - turn on lighting when starting an activity

I have my ST and harmony hubs linked. I have some OSRAM Lightify A19 bulbs connected to ST and they work fine. I would like to have the bulbs turn on/off/dim when starting certain activities. However, the harmony hub does not have native support for the A19 bulbs.

I tried using one of the harmony activities as a trigger in ST, which would then turn on or off the bulb. It seems to be setup correctly, but the bulb state does not change unless I start the harmony activity manually from within smart things.

Is there a way to pull this off?

Just make a routine in ST.

If you have Alexa you can make a group

If you have ST & Harmony connected, you can add any device in ST to any Harmony activity. Heck I even have a button on my Harmony to unlock the front door, for when I have remote in my hand and am too lazy to yell at Alexa to do it.

the A19 lights don’t show up in the harmony app to add as a device. Only the OSRAM outdoor lights.

Harmony stated the A19 bulbs aren’t currently supported by the app, which is why I need to try to go through the ST hub to get them to turn on.

If you add them in ST, connect ST with Harmony, you can control the ST device with Harmony. Harmony activity will send command to ST, ST will turn lights onoff

They’re added in ST. ST is connected to harmony.

The A19 OSRAM bulbs don’t show up in the harmony app. My other lights do, but not these. I can currently control these OSRAM A19 bulbs with ST.

I don’t get why they wouldn’t be supported just for being A19. A19 is a bulb size so they are not unlike any other bulbs, unless there is something i missed.

From wiki:
The A-series light bulb is the “classic” type of light bulb that has been the most commonly used type for general-purpose lighting applications since the early 20th century. It has a pear-like shape and an Edison screw base. The number that follows the “A” within the A series indicates the width of the bulb in one-eighth inch units or in millimeters

The most commonly used A-series light bulb type is the A19 bulb (or its metric equivalent, the A60 bulb[2]), which is 2 3⁄8 inches (60 mm) wide at its widest point[3] and approximately 4 3⁄8 inches (110 mm) in length, and has a one-inch long (type E26, i.e. 26 millimeters in diameter) Edison screw base.

So possibly create virtual item in smartthings that Harmony will see. Have harmony control virtual. Have smarthings control lights based on virtual.

It seems like the long way to go, but a good test to see if you can do it this way?

right. I should have posted the model number. 73824. Just easier to call it A19, since they only have 2 styles for that size bulb

no matter what, it doesn’t show up in the harmony app. As stated, logitech says that model is not compatible but some of the other OSRAM lights are.

HOWEVER, i did figure out that what I had done earlier does, in fact, turn the lights on and off. It just takes a REALLY REALLY long time. like up to 5 minutes after starting/ending the activity.

I’ll try the other suggestions here to see if anything else works faster.