ST Alternative?

It’s a different business model though. Abode charges up to 30 bucks per month and free phone support won’t be available for non paid subscribers. They are still in pilot mode now, so everyone gets the white gloves treatment.


I think the fact that this thread is even allowed to exist is one of the reasons why I like this product. :smile:


I could not disagree more. I moved from Wink to ST; literally gave away the wink hub ! The only thing it has over ST is the WiFi capability of the hub, everything else is sub-par !

I’m quite confident that ST will not be around in the long run. The business model is not viable. I was reading a thread earlier when someone was asking if they should choose ST or Vera. Someone responded very seriously, and very thoughtfully, that the answer is easily ST because coding for ST is much easier and if you want to create apps then ST is the obvious answer. I really laughed hard. This person answered this question as if everyone is a developer. As if everyone wants to bust their ass coding shit in order to make their home automation work. And THAT THERE is the problem with ST, the platform, and the expectations that live in this forum.

I have donated to numerous developers here. I appreciate their efforts. They are beyond what I’ve expected. But what I really expected is to not have to deal with code to make a tech hub work in my home. One of these developers has been sending out updates, and subsequently updated code for an app I use in ST. Each time I receive these updates (which is often) I have to think through how to implement this code. Do I apply it to the device code? Is it Smart App code? Is it Device Handler Code? What do I do with this code? And then recently I finally asked myself - why am I doing this? Why do I need to change code to get my thermostat to work? Why does my garage door not work without handling multiple sets of code? WTF am I doing? This is not normal. This is not how things should “work”.

Many of you here are VERY technical. And VERY smart. But you represent a very minute portion of the world. 99.99% of people on this earth are not going to be willing to reset code in order for their light bulbs to come on automatically. And that there is why this platform is not going to survive. Nothing about ST is easy. There are a number of platforms out there that are light years ahead of ST regarding ease of use. I mean Wink can make my garage door work way better and more consistently than ST can, and I don’t even need their hub to do that! How is that possible? And no I don’t think Wink is the answer. But there will be a select few who make it in the long run and ST will not be one of them.


Thank you. Nice post and very informative to us newbies. Have you looked into Oomi yet? Looks very easy but I can’t find very much info on it. Also, is there anything you recommend for HA that will allow me to still utilize my hard wired door and window sensors? Thanks

Has anyone looked into Oomi? I can’t find a lot about it and would like to know if there’s any opinions/info out there.

I have a classic engineer’s attitude: until you can buy it for two day delivery from Amazon, it’s all just marketing. You have no idea what you’re really going to get. (Consider “local processing” and the Bluetooth radio in SmartThings v2 and what actually arrived on delivery day.)

Oomi is still in preorder. It has already missed a couple of deadlines, and until it arrives we won’t know what it actually has. So there’s no way to evaluate it yet. The one thing we do know is it won’t have Zigbee support.

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Same goes for B.One the “all you can eat antennas” crammed into a snow board. Sounds too good to be true…but very appetizing HA menu…

Very true… however read “features” on their website about the hub… seems too good to be true and also a very rough translation of tech specs and marketing… seems like a very rough translation.

I myself have a very similar attitude, and treat every single crowdfunded project as vaporware. Even it surpasses its funding goal by a factor of 100, until I can actually buy the product and get it in hand, it might as well not exist.


I decided to hold off on SmartThings for over a year waiting for hub2, but after monitoring the forums here decided not to get it. I tried OpenHab couple times but found it to be very complicated to setup. I decided to go with HomeGenie and a USB z-wave z-stick. I have been very happy with it. I invested in popular zwave devices and figure if/when ST turns things around I’ll consider giving it a chance.

HomeGenie Pros:
-supports zwave, x10, insteon, hue bulbs, and many more protocols
-open source,
-pretty easily extendable via c#, Ruby, Python, wizard scripts. I have a couple arduino based custom sensors for garage and basement utility room; relatively simple C# code decodes it all.
-web server can be viewed in PC/tablet/mobile browsers
-free or pay Android apps
-builtin voice control or Amazon Echo (via webapi and ifttt)

-need a PC or RasberryPi computer for server, running 24/7
-no zigbee or bluetooth (yet)
-smaller user community so support isn’t the greatest

Give it a try :smile:


Thanks for the info and advice Kevin, appreciate it. In looking at my setup, my bulbs (Cree connected) are all ZigBee so from the looks of it, I am pretty limited if I want to keep using them.

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HomeGenie does support Hue hubs/bulbs… and I have seen that Cree connected bulbs work with Hue. I don’t have direct evidence of Home Genie working with Cree this way though.

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I think SmartThings is a hobby for developers, is not a home automation for everyone, is very limited if you don’t enter to IDE, with many cloud problems, there are other systems to general consumer.
I can not even trust that ST turn on porch lights, with so many failures I use SmartThings just for fun, some times works many times not.


Has anyone ordered a Vera Plus? Seems that will be the first ZWave&Zigbee alternative to market…

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Iris has both Zigbee and zwave. So does Zipato.

Wink and Staples Connect both support some Zigbee devices, although not as many as Iris or SmartThings.

Peq started with Zigbee and has added some zwave.

Iris supports pretty much all the same zigbee devices as SmartThings and a somewhat broader selection of Z wave. But it does have a $10/month subscription fee.

You’re right. I’ve come to a conclusion (based on publicly available information) that SmartThings is not a production system, but rather an R&D project that Samsung uses to develop and test their commercial SmartHome cloud platform. It will never be stable, because it’s a development and test platform.


my dev and test environments at work are more stable… just saying


Mine are currently stable as well - but that’s not always the case - which is the main point really! Also even when they are stable they are always laggy because of the cloud infrastructure - turning on lights in my house is like Russian roulette sometimes it’s instantaneous sometimes it takes 6-10 seconds. Not really acceptable.


Have you had a look at the iris UI? Are you able to have the complex rule automations that we have on ST using rule machine?

$10.00 a month is nothing if the system is reliable and can do what I want it to do.