ST ADT Panel Backup Battery About to Blow?!

Hey everyone! For the past few days I’ve been bombarded with this notification, “Tamper activity has been detected on SmartThings ADT Panel” and took the back panel covering off and on a few times to make sure it was secure. But after another night of notifications, I decided to do the same this morning and noticed this… a swollen backup battery that honestly looked like it was about to blow. :bomb::fearful:

I’ve since removed it but was curious to see if anyone else has experienced this. No more backup battery and no notifications since the removal. Not sure what would have caused this but grateful I caught it on time. You can take a peek at the photos attached. Thanks!


I had the exact same problem start today. Puffy battery that looks like its about to blow. I got the panel on just about the first day it came out so maybe this is the end of life span for the battery, but it seems kind of dangerous.

that’s a good catch. If the swelling battery case pushed on the battery cover, then that may have been enough to open the tamper switch. Kind-of a nice feature if you catch it before it self-ignites