SST WiFi Power Adapter Tip?

The AC adapter for the SST wifi hub has an unusual DC plug. It is not a standard 5.5mm/2.1mm or 5.5/2.5mm tip typically found on a 12V supply. The tip has a short conical section.

Do you know what this power tip is called, and where can I buy a pigtail or a connector to solder onto a patch cord?

I have a fancy 12V UPS to power my modem and mesh so I don’t want to use the little adapters, but I would prefer not to have to cut their tails off!

Were you able to find the kind of tip that the mesh router has?

Yes, but i am not sure I kept my notes. I will look around and get back to you.

This connector worked even though it doesn’t have the chamfered edge on the outside.

I found that I don’t enjoy soldering the connectors, though, so after I got this to work well enough to confirm the Smartthings wifi work fine in my configuration. I cut the cables off of the other two transformers and added 5.5/2.1 connectors on the cut even to mate with the 16awg wires I ran from a single, 12V/10A transformer in my office. It is plugged into an interruptible power supply and also powers a bunch of stuff in my structured media Cabinet including my cable modem.



Jose Antonio Quiroga