SSH access to SmartThings Hub or Connect Home Pro?


Pretty much sums it up - looking to buy a hub into the smart things, but prefer one that I can have root access through SSH to customize it to my own liking.

Any of the Samsung allowing root access through SSH?


(Benji) #2

Not going to happen.


That sucks. I guess I will probably be looking at another brand.

Last question - Connect Home or the Pro, are they using local or cloud storage?

(Dan) #4

The only SmartThings hub that performs any local processing (IIRC) is the v2.0 SmartThings Hub. There is no local storage though, it is all cloud storage.

(Benji) #5

I’m pretty certain you’ll have a hard time finding a commercial product like the SmartThings/Wink/etc that will allow you SSH access, let alone root access to the hub.

You’re probably better off with something like OpenHAB or Home Assistant.