Spruce irrigation problems

Anyone having any trouble with the Spruce irrigation schedule? I have 8 zones set up and it keeps my watering at three days per week (about 21 min once each of these days) this summer. It has been too little for my lawn, with more grass dying in patches. I went into the schedule settings for my “Summer Schedule” and clicked Mon-Sun under the “Water only on these days” section but it will not come on daily. I am considering just deleting the “Summer Schedule” and creating a new one to see if that works. Not sure if the would prevent the adjustments based on the soil sensor info or upcoming weather prediction. Any info would be helpful. As of now I am manually turing on each zone in the app everyday.

You should contact Spruce Support - they are very helpful. support@plaidsystems.com

Dive down into each zone in the schedule settings and adjust up the “Water time per week” value. Then at the zone summary page make sure each zone has the time per run and days per week you want.