Spruce Irrigation problem with Relay Pump

I just installed a spruce controller in my irrigation system. I use a pump to draw water from a creek and there is a pump relay that activates the pump. Per the instructions that came with the spruce, I wired this pump relay to “any zone” - in this case zone 7 as 1 - 6 are valves. I then set the zone type to “pump”. Problem is, when I activate any of the valve zones, the pump relay does not come on to activate the pump. I don’t think this is a wiring problem, as when I manually activate zone 7, which I have wired the pump relay to, the pump relay comes on and if I then activate another zone that it will begin watering. Anybody have any expereince wireing a pump relay to a Spruce controller?

If you are activating the value zones manual… then yes the pump will not trigger automatically, by hand you have to trigger the pump first then your zone. If however your program is running and it is not trigger the pump before it triggers the zones… well it should be and it sounds like you have your setup correct in the program, setting the pump zone type to ‘pump’ and the pump delay to x seconds. I would contact Spruce Support with a event log list for a program run.