Spruce Gen 2 2017 Version

I received an email that said that the senors need an update by SmartThings to work…but I can’t find anything on how to even put the Gen 2 main device into discovery mode. I have it connected via IP to my wireless access point right now…and that seems to work fine. They said it was going to be controllable via the hub when I bought it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I thought I saw something about holding the 2 arrows down for a short time.

Were you able to get yours in discovery mode? I haven’t been able to get mine to connect either.

Don’t think SmartThings will understand it yet even if I did. Spruce tech support said they are waiting on SmartThings to set it up. No ETA that I know of yet. I think they said the sensor programing on either their side or SmartThings has a bug still and won’t work for now either. IE – For now, it’s really all just a web app controlled sprinkler system.

new doc posted on the spruce homepage…

Any update on this or are we still waiting for the software to catch up and make the new sensors usable?

From Spruce…

The latest we were told was that July 25 at least the sensor would be published, have not heard back on the rest.

If you email their tech support…they will send you what you need to load via the IDE if you want to add the unit/sensors as devices etc prior to the ST release. I have been out of town and not had a chance to see how well it works yet…I should have time in the next 4-5 days.

I wonder if someone could give me some assistance.
I’ve installed a new (Gen 2) Spruce Controller, Firmware version 2.43, and connected it successfully to my WiFi Network. I can connect to it over my WiFi.
But, I cannot figure out how to add it to my Smart Things network. “Add A Device” does not find it.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks!!

email spruce support. They will send you code for a custom device type. Install the custom device type via IDE then try to add your sensors and unit and they will be recognized.

I did, they didn’t.

Hopefully Smartthings will get moving and publish the darned thing. These are expensive paperweights and terrible for that job.

It took them about 3 days or so to respond to my email.

Thanks! I sent spruce an Email. No reply yet (but its a weekend).
Actually, I’m pretty impressed by the web app from Spruce…