Spreadsheet with smart bulbs

There are a myriad of choices available when it comes to smart bulbs. Of course there are video reviews and other reviews of selected smart bulbs. But what about a shared Google spreadsheet that lists all SmartThings compatible light bulbs with specs and comments?

I have some IKEA Trådfri Zigbee bulbs and a WiZ Wifi bulb. But as I’m now looking for a smoother but affordable bulb to use as a gentle wake up my head explodes of all different options. So I thought of starting compiling a list in a spreadsheet myself, but then thought others must have done something similar before me.

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Not sure, but I think the Wiki category of this forum would be the place to start such a topic, if it doesn’t exist, under FAQ subcategory.

I would happy to contribute. Otherwise, I think a good starting point would be the Edge drivers themselves and the capabilities of the devices contained within them.

Thanks. I changed the category.

About Edge drivers, they are as hard to find too. Especially with documentation in one place rather than long forum threads. Another spreadsheet idea :slight_smile: All Edge drivers, with some description of what they do and links to installation and documentation.

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Yeah, I did a quick look around in some of the Edge driver githubs. And so far, I’ve not found how to see capabilities of each device. Maybe it is simple or maybe they are not expressed, rather only used it the capability is present in the device.

I imagine this is a CLI thing that can be achieved, but so far I’ve only managed to install the CLI on my PC, and that’s it, for now.

I’m sure he information is here, just spread around…

Actually, an even better place to put this would be the community-created wiki. It has full wiki features, including the ability for anyone to join and anyone to edit articles, so it’s much easier to keep this kind of thing up-to-date. :sunglasses:

Things That Are Smart Wiki

You can put it in the unofficially supported devices section, and you don’t need to use the default template. You can just start a page with a table or whatever you like.


They should be pretty easy to find if you use the quick browse lists in the community created wiki. That’s exactly what it’s for. :sunglasses:


If you want to start a new wiki page with more details about individual edge drivers, you can certainly do that as well. Again, it’s there for anyone to use and it’s really easy for other people to contribute to it and help keep it up-to-date. Certainly much easier than this forum in that regard.

By the way, if you’d like to see a similar page to your idea in the community – created wiki that might give you some ideas for a starting place, there’s one for batterypowered button remotes:


No one’s done one yet for smart bulbs, and I think it would be a great idea. :sunglasses::bulb:

I would suggest including the columns “requires ST hub“ and “requires own hub“ as well. I think that can be very helpful information.

it’s a kind of premium feature in the lightbulb market, so don’t think you can find an affordable one with a deep dark and good color transition.
But if you can find something better than Hue let me know :wink:


can we not have a thread on the forum where links to edge drivers live . just an idea
thanks martin

Have you had a chance to look at the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki? There is a section for edge drivers where they are divided by device class, so it’s pretty quick to find whatever you’re looking for. Here’s the link.


But if you want to build a page in the wiki that lists every driver, feel free to do so. Anyone can add to the wiki. :sunglasses:

It’s usually better to put that stuff in the wiki then here in the forum because then anyone can edit it, which means it stays up-to-date even if the original author leaves the community. And anyone can add to it so it stays more organized. Here, threads are good for conversations, but they almost always get hijacked by someone with off-topic stuff and then a few months later it becomes hard to find the relevant information. A wiki page keeps everything right up front. :wink:

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This is from Smartthings Brazil.



thanks both

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Yeah I’ll never claim to be an expert on this but Hue seems to be the one that would check all the boxes for OP.

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