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Sport Notifications SmartApp [BETA]

(fightingmajor) #21

How do change that?

(Patrick Mjoen) #22

I created my own images and updated the icon in the device handler. Not the best solution if you have multiple teams or when the app becomes available for more sports…

(Eric Luttmann) #23

I can look into it.

It plays a different goal song based on the team selected.

(Eric Luttmann) #24

Great idea… I’ll see what I can do.

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(Patrick Mjoen) #25

I was unable to validate last night, blackhawks didn’t score…

(Patrick Mjoen) #26

Tonight I’m not getting any of the notifications or light actions??? Not sure what I’ve done wrong…

(fightingmajor) #27

It’s becuse you are a Blackhawks fan :slight_smile:

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(Don) #28

Is the virtual switch on? I know that’s obvious, just tossing it out there.

(Don) #29

Also I think if you updated the app, you need to open it and select done to get it going again.

If I remember right, on the old app I wasn’t getting anything. So then I opened it and checked the setting and clicked done all the way out and it started working.

(fightingmajor) #30

I wasn’t home last night, but I have my lights set up to flash red when a goal is scored. This was the first game that happened since I installed the app. Does it not turn the lights back to the original state after a goal is scored? I’m asking because when I came home, my lights were all red.

(Eric Luttmann) #31

The code is suppose to, but not surprised if something is going wrong … I don’t have colored lights, so can’t test the color right now (others might be able to chime in).

(Eric Luttmann) #32

Just committed another small update for the NHL Notification Service:

NHL Notification Service: v 0.9.3

  • Sorted the list of teams displayed
  • Modified the way light colors are getting restored to previous values.
(Patrick Mjoen) #33

For the light flashing can you make it turn on to 100%

(Eric Luttmann) #34

Level under Light Color Settings should do that … I’ll rename the section to make that more clear.

(Eric Luttmann) #35

One more update for this weekend for the NHL Notification Service:

NHL Notification Service: v 0.94

  • Modified some section titles.
  • Added Text-To-Speaker option for Notification messages.
  • Re-enabled Ask Alexa (accidentally commented out in previous release)
(Patrick Mjoen) #36

I finally have the light flashing but because they fade out when turned off I’m trying to get timing down (GE Jasco switches). When watching on tv the delay for the text is almost 15-20 seconds after goal (I’m sure it’s the service). This is a great development and continues to improve.

What about an announcement 10 minutes before game start?

“Grab a drink and your favorite seat, game time is in 10 minutes”

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(Eric Luttmann) #37

FYI … You can use the touch notification feature to trigger a manual goal so you can test your goal setting pregame.

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( #38

Can you add a timezone selection? I’m in the UK and games start in the morning so the app is all happy but as soon as it gets to midnight its the next day so its no longer game day. Currently I have been modifying the code changing





(Eric Luttmann) #39

Yes, I can add that … thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:

(Eric Luttmann) #40

Updates to the NHL Notification Service:

NHL Notification Service: v 0.95

  • Added option to override local timezone with the timezone associated to the team selected.
  • Added option in Text Notifications section to send a custom pregame message ‘x’ minutes before game start.