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Sport Notifications SmartApp [BETA]

NFL was first on the list for the next service I look into , I’ll definitely look into integrating fantasy football as well.


Thanks. MLB would be great also and the season is upon us. Fantasy football is a little tricky and there is constant scoring changes and various services. (Yahoo, ESPN and CBS are the top 3). My advice is scoring alerts should be for “big plays” that are customizable for both you and your opponent. Let’s say I wanted to be alerted for any 5 point change.

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It im0roved for me from the previous app. It’s much quicker for me. Of course that’s using the test button. Still waiting for tomorrow’s game for real test.

I just updated the ‘NHL Notification Service’ to address an issue in which game status texts were not getting sent.

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Sweet, I noticed last night I didn’t get pre-game notification. After game start was working.

Had some other odd behavior, but I want to see if it repeats again next game, before I say anything

Just committed another update for the NHL Notification Service:

NHL Notification Service: v 0.9.2

  • Fixed issue in text message when first announcing scheduled game is upcoming.
  • Added option to send text messages to AskAlexa message queue.

For more on AskAlexa, see [RELEASE] Ask Alexa

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@ejluttmann This is awesome, I haven’t ben able to use it yet but this is exactly what I was trying to build just for NHL but ran into parsing issues with the service (I dabble in Smartthings development). Can you sort the team names alphabetically?

I was wondering if you could add the ability of possibly playing the actual goal song for your team. I began storing the goal songs in AWS with a URL based on your team selection in settings. I was trying to mimic the Budweiser Redlight via Smartthings.

I can help build the audio files for the goal siren/songs if your interested just pm me. Great work, I can’t wait to try it out.

I’m not the man, but I can confirm it does all that already.

You just need to install it and see.

My horn upon goal is lagging, others have reported in the previous developed app of fairly quick horn and light playing.

Not sure if the device handler can show a different device image based on the team you select or not. I changed the device handler to have an image of my team in color when On and Black/white when Off.

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That’s pretty cool. That would be nice if possible to roll into the code.

How do change that?

I created my own images and updated the icon in the device handler. Not the best solution if you have multiple teams or when the app becomes available for more sports…

I can look into it.

It plays a different goal song based on the team selected.

Great idea… I’ll see what I can do.

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I was unable to validate last night, blackhawks didn’t score…

Tonight I’m not getting any of the notifications or light actions??? Not sure what I’ve done wrong…

It’s becuse you are a Blackhawks fan :slight_smile:

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Is the virtual switch on? I know that’s obvious, just tossing it out there.

Also I think if you updated the app, you need to open it and select done to get it going again.

If I remember right, on the old app I wasn’t getting anything. So then I opened it and checked the setting and clicked done all the way out and it started working.

I wasn’t home last night, but I have my lights set up to flash red when a goal is scored. This was the first game that happened since I installed the app. Does it not turn the lights back to the original state after a goal is scored? I’m asking because when I came home, my lights were all red.