Spontaneously changing mode from Night to Home in the middle of every night

My SmartThings v2 (UK) hub changes mode to Home every night (not sure when). When I’m home, it means the house moves from Night to Home mode while asleep. Even worse, while I’m traveling, the house shifts from Away to Home mode – meaning my espresso machine and heating turn on, my front door unlocks, etc.

I don’t see the mode change described in the Notifications history in the app, so I’m having trouble tracking down the source of the change. I assume it’s caused by an errant SmartApp. Is there another place to look?

Can you enable notifications for the mode changes ? Then at least you would know exactly when it happened. Which should help you narrow down the culprit.

It is usually a presence sensor going on an imaginary trip that causes these. What do you use to trigger mode changes ?

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