Specify NC State for Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO

I have two of these hardwired to my septic alarm relays…one for the low air sensor, the other for the high water level sensor.

The Ecolink for the low air operates as NC. I don’t recall ever having to specify one or the other.

The sensor for the high water level operates as NO. I can’t find any way to specify that it operate as NC and hope someone here might have some insight.

Thank you!

The device itself does not support changing the logical state it reports. It always assumes NC contacts so contacts closed = closed, contacts open = open.

You can work around this for your NO assuming switch by either:

  • Use a driver like Masquerade that allows you to invert the logic posted as ST events.
  • Use a normal driver for the device, and add a virtual switch device with routines to invert the logic from the device’s state. One for open, set virtual to closed; another for closed, set virtual to open. Then trigger your alarms or other logic for HIGH WATER on the virtual.

Both can work and have their place as needed.

Good luck!